i found it!


Just wanted to let you know that it was driving me crazy, so I Googled my fingers off and found the creepy diner!

It’s the Farmer’s Diner, in Quechee, Vermont.

Of course, now I feel bad. I really want to explain that it was “probably” only creepy because it was half deserted and in the pitch-black, early night. And had no cell signal. And locked me out.

I also wanted to mention that both Maaike and I were impressed with the menu; it was full of highlighted items, each one was something that was locally produced or grown. We both had the South of the (Canadian) Border Nachos – hoo boy was the chicken spicy! – but had we more time, or had we been hungrier, there were many area foods that we wanted to try. If you’re ever in Quechee, Vermont, I’d recommend to try it out.

But go in the daytime.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “i found it!

  1. LOL! I was going to write “during the day, right?”, then I saw the fine print at the end of the post.


  2. LOL here too. Great post(s)
    as a completely unsolicited additional recommendation (in other words, this has very little to do with your post…sorry…I’m a bit sleep deprived today)
    The Shady Maple Smogasbord in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (sort of near Hershey)…
    Amish Buffet. All fresh farm produce and cooking. All the time. LOTS and LOTS of it.


  3. If I get to that part of the country again I’ll keep it in mind, but like Tara said only during the day!


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