sorry about that!


I don’t know how many of you noticed, but the blog seemed to have disappeared for a few days. (This would only have been apparent for those of you who come here by typing in The direct blogspot link wasn’t affected).

Long story short is that I decided to repurchase some web space and host my own files, instead of relying on free online storage solutions that are often more of a headache. In the last few weeks I’ve tested my own free pattern links and found that they were down about a quarter of the time. I don’t know if any of you had tried them and found a broken link, but if you did, I’m really sorry. The link is still the old one, but over the next few days I will be updating it it.

So what was the problem? I pay to have you forwarded here against your knowledge. Sounds sneaky, huh? All that means is that when you type in (short and sweet), my internet people zip you over to (longer and easier to mess up). You don’t realize it because the address bar stays the same. (Bloglines people aren’t affected because the rss feed goes directly to the blogspot address). In any case, in a genius move on my part, I forgot that once my web space went “live” and was linked to my domain name, the new webspace would force itself over the forwarding. Which means that if you came to in the last few days you would have seen a message from my internet provider saying that the website wasn’t up yet.

A lot of blather to say that I’d goofed, but I’ve now fixed it, and I’m quite happy with the results. It’s clean, open and easy to read. Like the new look?

In the upcoming days, in addition to the Habs Cloth patterns moving to my own space with (reliable) links, I will also be adding more free patterns. The Vegas Scarf (Knitting Game) pattern will be updated with a new look, and I’ll also be adding the Mug Cozy pattern I promised you.

In the meantime, I have been knitting for Veronik but can’t show it here.

I’ve also been taking care of a toddler with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds worse than it is- anything with “disease” in the name can’t help but sound horrible. It really isn’t much more than a lingering, misery-inducing fever and achiness with barely-noticable blisters on the hands, feet and in the mouth. The doctor who diagnosed Jakob was calling it the “July Disease” because it is going around like crazy.

The worst parts are that Jakob doesn’t want to eat ANYTHING because it hurts in his mouth, and his sleep is really disrupted because he keeps waking up. I’m also trying to limit what he touches because this bug is really contagious. It’s not really harmful to adults (so I hear) but it travels fast to other little kids. Aparently he was contagious for a week before the symptoms even came out (yay) and even once he’s better (about 7-10 days) the virus can live on countertops and toys and clothing/sheets for up to 2 weeks, and in his stools for up to 3 months. Which means a lot of disinfecting and hand washing. Fun times all around.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

7 thoughts on “sorry about that!

  1. Poor Jakob! Oh my!!!

    I hope he feels better soon.

    Sean’s eating less these days too, but the humidity apparently does that to everyone – according to his doctor. And Mack’s eating like a pig these days! (1 month growth spurt!) I can’t believe this week he turns a month old. Where the F does time go??! It flies!

    Miss you! See you at knitting this week?


  2. Ahh, poor Jakob. That sounds like a nasty virus. Hope he’s feeling better soon!


  3. I’ve been hearing a lot about this disease going around in kids. I’m so sorry to hear that Jakob has it.

    The new look to the blog is nice!


  4. Hope Jakob gets better soon!
    Hugs & Kisses!!!


  5. I actually wondered whether that was what Émilie had earlier this month, but I think it was just a complication from the cold she had. She’s off the antibiotics as of this morning, thank God. I hope Jakob feels better soon! I want to see you guys this summer.


  6. Poor Jakob! And poor Jakob’s parents. I hope he gets better soon. That sounds just awful.


  7. I was wondering where you went to.

    Hope Jakob is feeling better soon!



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