no pressure, really


I know this is totally inane but I was leaving a comment on a blog I stalk read and this was my “verify that I’m a real human” word. I thought it was too cute! I want to knit a lufbug!

I’m getting close to the 3/4 mark of the first Mary Maxim contest submission, and am starting to think about upcoming deadlines. I think I do this every year- berate myself for imposing them, then impose new ones all over again!

Here’s the current plan, posted both to give me a push and to remind me later:
1. Finish Mary Maxim sub # 1
2. Design and knit Mary Maxium sub # 2
3. Go to the post office next Monday (!) and mail subs 1 & 2 to Ontario
4. Spend the week knitting something for my friend Bernie’s brand new daughter, as we will be going to Toronto the weekend of the 21st and we will be seeing Bernie and his wife and meeting little Eden for the first time.
5. Knit Mackenzie’s birth/bris gift hopefully by his bris
6. Knit my cousin’s fiancés bridal shower gift hopefully by her shower in early July
7. Knit Julie & Rich’s daughter’s birth gift…rediculously late- the baby is already 5 months old!
8. Try to finish the Silk Rumple shawl in time for my cousin’s wedding in early August.
9. Knit something for a friend’s late September/early October baby
10. Knit something for a friend’s November baby
11. Knit Christmas gifts for Yannick’s family, maybe early to get them out of the way.
I might need to switch the orders of 7 & 8, if Julie doesn’t mind waiting the extra month. At this point I’m going to knit Kayla something sized at least 12/18 months, so it will still fit when she gets it.
Holy crap my year is booked. That’s at least 1 project due every month! How did this happen??
I’m going to go wake Jakob up from his nap and go home- it’s almost 5pm and I’m going knitting at a pub with the West Island girls tonight! :]

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “no pressure, really

  1. Somewhere between 7 and 9 isn’t there another new November baby you wanted to knit for? 😉


  2. No rush for Mack’s dino Jenn, at a week old (if his bris is on day 7 unlike his brother’s on day 16), he won’t be able to “play” with it….. so no rush… DONT STRESS YOURSELF OUT!


    It was great to see you tonight!


  3. ps – what’s a lufbug?


  4. Um. Go Jennifer! You can do it!


  5. Wow, what a list! I’m sure you can finish it though. I want a lufbug too. 🙂


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