the last of the catching up


Last week was a blur. Jakob was still sick. Yannick was sick. I wasn’t sick- but was taking care of the two of them. Absolutely no housework got done. By the time I got Jakob into bed, Yannick was usually in bed himself and by then I didn’t want to do ANYTHING. Some knitting was done, but I can’t show you. I’m working on a new design and it has been driving me crazy. Every night I’d finish getting the boys to bed, make myself some supper and sit down in front of the TV. I’d finish eating by 8:30pm. I’d take out my knitting, get started, realize some error in my chart, and head up to the computer to fix it. I’d have a new chart printed by 9:30/10pm, then sit back down in front of the TV. If I was lucky I’d have an hour to knit before realizing a new error. The next day I’d work on the chart at work, come home and repeat the process. I thought I had it all finished by the time we went up north Saturday after work, but after knitting for 2 days I realized I wanted to make yet another change, so all that work will be pulled out too. (So even if I could show you, I’d have nothing to show you ‘cus it is all being ripped out. That’s a small consolation, right?)

We spent the weekend up north celebrating Easter with Yannick’s family.
I took this cute photo of Yannick’s mom and his nephew/godson Justin helping Jakob go for a walk.

Sunday morning Jakob met his first Easter bunny. (Yes his pjs have been changed – we’re having diaper issues. Anyone know of the most leak-proof for boys??). Yannick’s sister wanted to see Jakob’s reaction to tasting his first chocolate, but I didn’t let him try it.
I know you’re missing a “Mommy with Jakob at 44 weeks” photo, and that’s for a good reason. I look HORRIBLE in it!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “the last of the catching up

  1. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t let Maxime have any chocolate either. Not before he’s a year old, anyway! And re diapers: I use Huggies, I find they’re the best for boys. Maybe he’s due to go up a size?


  2. I have two boys and found that huggies work best for us. Your son is too cute!


  3. I’ve heard that Huggies are good as well. We are currently using Pampers, because they come in preemie size to fit our petite little girl.


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