march birthdays

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March has been a busy month! Last weekend we celebrated my immediate family’s birthdays. None of us have a birthday in March, but we had to finally get around to celebrating our 2007 birthday before any of us had a 2008 one.

This week is my father-in-law’s birthday (Happy Birthday Marcel!) and my…well, I guess my nephew (Yannick’s sister’s son) Justin’s birthday. (Happy Birthday Justin!). Justin is also Yannick’s godson, and we will be celebrating both of those birthdays this coming weekend.

Finally, there is one more special birthday in March.

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! goes out to little RJ who made March 13th her birth day. Congratulations JayJay!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “march birthdays

  1. Thank you so much! She was actually born the day after my birthday and on my mother’s birthday. What a fabulous gift!


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