how to get around the big brother rules


I was just leaving a comment on the Yarn Harlot’s blog when I typed up the following paragraph:

You can never have too much yarn with you! I was daydreaming the other day about what it would be like if I was in the Big Brother house and realized that I’d be sneaky and hit the thrift stores before leaving and find some mens’ 3X knit sweaters to put in my luggage, so once I was in the house I could unravel them and have something to knit. I’m still working on what to use as needles since you’re not allowed writing implements. I could probably sneak in some dpsn as hair sticks though, or as shawl pins. I think I’ve been thinking about this too much! 🙂

It’s sad but true. I really was thinking about that the other day. I mean, they go through your bags and veto what you can and can’t bring. Plus you only get one small duffel. So bringing in obvious yarn would be out of the question. But they can’t stop you from unraveling your own shirt, can they? I mean, as a last resort I could even finger knit it…

(Let’s ignore the fact that I would never be appearing on Big Brother because it is a US show, as if that was the only reason).

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “how to get around the big brother rules

  1. Oh my – I was thinking the EXACT same thing watching it the other night…. I’d go INSANE stuck in the house for 3 mos with NO KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. What a waste of good knitting time! You would definitely need to sneak some stuff in, although bulky sweaters in sweater might raise suspicions. Would chopsticks works as needles?

    I remember realizing a few years ago that I was too old to ever be on MTV’s Real World (I think the cutoff age is 27). I’ve never even really watched the show, but for some reason that bothered me.


  3. Big Brother is my fave of the reality shows but I couldn’t watch it this time. I wonder if I’m truly missing out.

    And, I understand completely what you mean … I leave for a cruise on Saturday and I’m planning which knitting I’m going to bring. Good grief. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me. LOL


  4. I don’t watch the show, but why exactly wouldn’t you be allowed to bring knitting with you? Do they want the participants to go berserk and kill their roommates in their sleep or something?


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