happy day after valentines day


I forgot to mention that I went to see a great show on Wednesday night. I saw Houdini the Musical at the Saidye – whoops, I mean at the Segal Center for the Arts. I met up with a bunch of moms from Jakob’s playgroup, and I brought my mom, and it was so much fun! Our tickets included a “petit souper” (light supper in hors d-oeuvre form) and wine and a raffle. Oh yeah, and I won a prize! $50 gift certificate at a local spa. That will be fun! It was strange seeing these women without our kids but it was so nice to have a little time together as grown ups. We HAVE to do it more often!

Here’s yesterday’s progress on the Silk Rumple. Everything from the orange marker is new. I feel like all these photos look alike, because it is growing so slowly! At least the first ball is showing signs of depletion (the single skein turned out to be 2 smaller ones together).
And here’s the progress on the Noro striped scarf. 144 rows as of last night’s TV watching marathon. Speaking of last night’s TV- any one else super annoyed with which team won on Celebrity Apprentice? Piers or Omarosa need to go home!
In other reality TV complaints- I find I’m kinda irritated at Big Brother for splitting up the real life couple with other “soulmates”. I know they probably did it on purpose to try and trigger some drama, but I still think it’s tacky.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “happy day after valentines day

  1. I wanted Jen & Ryan to be together too, but Parker is a hottie! DRAMA!

    The gay couple is cute too 🙂 together.

    I just dont understand how they’re going to stretch this out over 3 months with 8 couples and one set of couples going home each week.

    I think the exes were glad to go last night…!

    I’m not up to date yet on Apprentice… I’ll let you know when I watch it, but I hate both Omarosa and Piers.. But dont you thnk it’s a little fixed? In the sense that Omarosa is the ONLY one who can actually stay on to work for Trump since she’s the only one who doesn’t “really” have a job or is “really” a celebrity? Jamie & I think it’s fixed…. for her to win. To then go on to work for him.


  2. I have to admit that I don’t watch either show, so I can’t comment. The do think both scarves are looking lovely! I always find that scarves are fun for awhile, but become tedious way before they are finished. I think I may cast on something cute for the baby to give myself a break from the scarf I’m working on.


  3. I’m actually not one for reality shows, these days. I probably should be, with the writers’ strike (is it really over?), but other than Survivor (which I’m kind of sick of at this point), I just don’t watch it. Too busy watching X-Files DVDs 🙂


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