a reprieve


I feel like I’ve been granted a stay of execution!

I was supposed to return to work tomorrow. Maternity leave- over. Real world- commence.

Then I got a letter in the mail this morning advising me that my maternity benefits will be ending on February 16th (Friday). Which means I don’t go back to work until NEXT Tuesday.

There was much happy dancing done in this house!

Back to knitting- no news on the striped scarf or the silk Rumple shawl, as neither were touched all weekend. Instead I cast on for a hooded cardigan for Jakob with some lovely soft blue/gray Marble yarn, and am about 1/3 done with the back. I had hoped to finish more over the weekend but somehow I ended up with only about an hour to knit each day. I have photos but they are on my camera, which is downstairs. Since I’m very tired, downstairs seems really far away right now.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “a reprieve

  1. Yey for an extra week!

    Maybe this week we can go out the 4 of us with Bubbie? I’m sure she’d like that. What day are you free?


  2. An extra week? That’s like Christmas in February! 🙂


  3. Surprises are so lovely! Huzzah for an extra week!!!!


  4. Congrats on the extra week! I can relate, since my maternity leave is all screwed up from having to leave work earlier than planned. Enjoy the additional time!


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