call me crazy. "hello crazy"


I keep doing this to myself. Every time I take on a project that has a deadline (the charity affair, gift knitting, etc…) I tell myself “no more!”. Sure, I enjoy the ones I get paid for, but the ones I do for gifts usually end up causing me more grief than anything else, because I never think of doing them in advance. If I could plan out my year in January (except for stuff due in Jan/Feb) things would be fine. Instead I decide to knit for someone a few weeks (if I’m lucky!) before the warranted occasion.

Take last night. I was in the finishing stages of my recent project. I can say it is for my mom, ‘cus she knows I was making her something for her birthday (last Thursday but we’re not giving her gifts until the dinner this coming weekend), but she occassionally reads this blog so I can’t post photos yet. In any case, I was excited about the fact that I was almost done. Finishing a project opens up the whole world of new projects I get to start. Don’t get me started on my Ravelry que, but yeah- there are a TON of things I’d like to do. I also took on a huge family project yesterday, plus I want to finish a pair of socks that have been stalled at 1 completed for over a year, then get to Mona‘s November Mystery Socks, then…then…then… (you get the point).

So why in the love of all things pointy did I open my mouth to ask my sister and her boyfriend if they’d like knitted gifts for Hanukkah this year? You know, that holiday which starts, oh, NEXT WEEK.

I think I like to please too much.


Oh well. Out of the two I think I’ll only be knitting for her boyfriend Mike (T.O.M.) and I came up with a kick-ass gift that he will absolutely flip out over. I need to get some info from him first, but I think this will be one gift that will be really loved. Plus he’s not Jewish so I technically have until Christmas to knit it! I’ll provide more details on that as I get to it.

I have news though! And no, it’s not that Jakob LOVES sweet potatoes. (Although he does. So much so, that he will cry after he’s eaten the last spoonful because he wants more). Nope- the big news is that I finished my mom’s project. It’s done, and it’s gorgeous! I love it so much that I want one for myself, but I can’t bear the thought of knitting this again right now. (Oops- I’ve said too much!)

Photos and other random stuff later when I remember to bring my camera upstairs.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “call me crazy. "hello crazy"

  1. I guess that means that I’m not getting a hand-knit-cabled-sweater for my birthday that is in 2 weeks? c’mon!!! I know you can!! If you want, I can give you a 1/2 started one to finish, it will save you time. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing your mom’s er…thing…it looked gorgeous in the semi-finished state. Can’t wait to see pictures. You’ll have to post more details when you’re able to.


  2. Jeez! I just checked out Ravelry, and your secret project isn’t up there! Aaaack! Suspense!


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