bad bum

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😦 One of the perils of designing your own knits, is that you don’t have the (implied) guarantee of the knits working out. You could be whizzing along, thinking you’ve got this great piece of fabric goin’ on, when all of a sudden- wham! Knitting speedbump.

I tried the costume on Jakob last night, and while it fits…I’m not super happy with it (no pun intended!). The legs don’t seem to be long enough so the “underwear” line falls in the wrong spot. It also appeared to be pulling a bit around the waist.

I added some short row shaping for the tushie area to take the excess bulk of a diaper, and have decided that there is no alternative for me but to lengthen the legs by about an inch and a half each. I refuse to rip back so I will be taking the other way out- cutting, reknitting, grafting.

Photos to come…once I get up the desire to actually take scissors to it…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “bad bum

  1. Gasp! Cutting and re-knitting… Gutsy!


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