fri, sept 14

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Friday was hectic! I didn’t go out all day because I was working on my submissions. They were due Saturday and I wanted to have them sent off before then. I even refused to go to the park with Maaike and Erika because I was working so hard to get them done.

Because I spent most of the day on the computer, I had to get creative in finding places for Jakob to play. I brought his play mat upstairs so we’d have that, and at times I put him on the bed behind me. I sit so close to the bed that the back of my chair touches it, so I was able to sit sideways and watch him while I worked. I was also close enough to swoop down for cuddles and kisses whenever I wanted too!

I love this peaceful look! He has completely discovered his hands and feet and will sometimes spend a few moments just staring at them, watching them work. Of course, two moments after taking this photo he was sucking on his toes and drooling. πŸ™‚

We went to my parents’ house again, this time for leftovers. We only stayed until 10pm then came home to feed Jakob and put him to bed.

I can’t believe it…I had so much work still left to do for my submissions that I stayed up until 2:00am! I really wanted to get to bed earlier since Maaike and I were going to Effiloche in the morning and I knew I had to get up early, but I had no choice if I wanted to get my submissions in before the deadline expired.

I DID get a few rows knit on the Montego Bay scarf, however.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “fri, sept 14

  1. Eeek! What a long night. I hope you get something accepted! I have another friend who submitted, too, so I’m hoping to have special access to the a couple pattern writers for the next issue of Knitty. Maybe your knitting fame will rub off. πŸ˜‰


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