wed, sept 12

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Sorry for the catch-up posts, last week was crazy hectic. I decided to go for it and submit 3 (!) patterns to Knitty for the Winter issue. The deadline was Saturday the 15th, and for one pattern I had to choose the photos I wanted to use, for another I had to find where I’d written the pattern down, actually type it up and choose the photos, and for a third I had to calculate the different sizes, type it up and choose the photos. Plus as I typed I found other stuff I had to do, like sketches and illustrations. It was a loooong week.

So. Wednesday…it was my friend Jackie’s birthday. Happy birthday Jackie!
I already mentioned some stuff from during the day- I’d gone to Maaike’s and picked up my yarn.
That night was the first supper for Rosh Hashana, and we met at my parents’ house. I decided to try Jakob in a high chair for the first time, so that if he was able to sit in it, he could sit at the table with us, instead of on the floor in a bouncer. I thought he’d prefer to be able to see everyone, and I was right!
Plus he was the only one who was allowed toys at the table. 😉 Look- he even got his own name card showing him where to sit!
On Rosh Hashana we pass around apples and honey to eat together to symbolize starting off a Sweet New Year. Jakob can’t eat…so I dressed him appropriately…
…and hopefully he will be having a Rocking New Year. (‘Cus he’s wearing a Bon Jovi baby onesie. Get it? *groan* I know, silly joke). The onesie was a gift from his uncle (and godfather) Mike, the biggest Bon Jovi fan I know- and I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan. I love the little jeans, and this was his first time in sneakers! He had a matching jean jacket too but it was too warm in the house to wear it.
Like my sticker? For my birthday Jakob had bought me a card (via Yannick) and inside was this “#1 Mom” sticker.

I didn’t get to knit on Wed, it was too distracting keeping an eye on Jakob or making sure no one went in to disturb him once I put him to bed for the night.

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  1. I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan too! I haven’t really kept up with the newer music, but I did see them in concert when I was 16 (which was a LONG time ago).


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