Friday and Saturday, Sept 7 & 8


Mommy with Jakob at 16 wks (and 1 day)
I forgot to take the weekly photo on Thursday- oops!
What did we do on Friday? I can’t remember…so I think we just vegged in the house all day and I worked on catching up the blog. Friday afternoon I went to the park with Maaike to take some photos for my Knitty submission and realized once we got there that I’d forgotten some necessary props, so we only did a short session.
Friday night? I think we just had supper and hung out.
Oh- I just remembered, but am too lazy to go back and edit…Thursday night my friend Debbie also came over. Sorry Debbie! πŸ™‚
On Saturday we went for lunch at the new Mike’s Restaurant with Julie and Rich. Wow Mike’s sure went swanky! The food was good but they tried SO hard to be ritzy…instead of bread at the table it was mini baguettes which came to the table in paper cones that were suspended in metal holders. None of us had the same plate, they were all white but sized to your food…which was great when you had pasta or a sub but my small sandwich was on a plate no wider than the sandwich…which was NOT good when the sandwich top fell over. I had to eat over my salad bowl so as not to make a mess on the table. It was tasty though!
Saturday night my parents babysat Jakob and Yannick and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was a great movie! I just ordered the books…I understand that their only similarity is the fact that they star a guy named Jason Bourne with amnesia…but that the books are supposedly 100,000 times better. I can’t wait to get them!

Author: Jennifer Lori

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2 thoughts on “Friday and Saturday, Sept 7 & 8

  1. Did you get all of the Bourne books, or just the last one? I wouldn’t mind reading them after you’re done with them. πŸ˜‰


  2. My husband said the same thing about the Bourne books, the movies and books are completely different. He does like both, however.


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