wednesday, thursday & friday

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On Wednesday Jakob and I went to see The Nanny Diaries. We had a good time, and ran into some of our playgroup buddies there. The movie was cute, but I preferred the book.
On Thursday we did some shopping then I took Jakob for passport photos because we might be going away at Christmas time.
My little MVP looks like his passport photos are mug shots and I won’t know until I go in person if they will accept them or not. It’s hard because I can’t be in the photo, not even my hands, so I was literally sitting on the floor behind a stool, holding him up with my hands under his shirt so you couldn’t see me. We took two photos and we’ll see…if they aren’t accepted the woman at the store promised to redo them.

Mommy with Jakob at 15 weeks.

After the photos we went to our playgroup, then to visit my parents. We picked up Jakob’s Auntie Laura from Fairview and brought her back home to our house where we had dinner together with Laura, Yannick and Yannick’s friend Kevin.

My goal for Thursday night was to watch Big Brother and knit, but at 8:05 Yannick started drilling in the garage to remove the garage door opener and change it, and the screeching noise scared the hell out of Jakob. He had just fallen asleep and started SCREAMING. He cried in his crib until 8:45, when I couldn’t take it any more. Laura had left, Yannick and Kevin had left, and it was just me and him, crying. From 8:45 to 9:30 he cried in my arms until he fell asleep- but he was due to eat at 9:30 then go to bed. He didn’t eat until later, I got no knitting (or anything) done, and all in all the night kinda sucked. The only positive thing was that I was so tired from listening to him cry non-stop that I went to bed as soon as he did, instead of staying up until 1:00-ish like usual.

On Friday I took Jakob, his little blankie-bunny Foo-Foo and my sister Laura into town. First we went to Home Depot so Laura could watch Jakob in the car while I ran in to buy Yannick’s anniversary present. (Our first wedding anniversary is on Monday, which is also Yannick’s birthday, and Yannick loves tools. Since the traditional first anniversary is paper…he’s getting gift certificates! I know this sounds like a cop-out and not romantic, but TRUST ME, he always prefers the practical. I’m the sappy mush who wants the long-thought-out romantic gesture. He’d be happy with a vacuum if he really needed one). After Home Depot we picked up my grandmother and went for lunch at Marathon on Decarie Blvd. It was really yummy and Jakob was flirting with everyone there. Plus the hostess Erin already had met Robyn and Sean, so Bubbie was happy to show off her other great-grandson too.

After lunch we stopped by the JCA Crafts office so I could drop of my finished socks, then we drove Bubbie home and headed home. On our way I brought Jakob’s passport application and photos to our cousin Marlene who is a vet and could sign as a guarantor. I think we finally got home around 4:30pm! I was so tired I stopped at Starbucks first for an (expensive) vanilla latte. I needed it! I also picked one up for Maaike, who came over to take a few test photos for me.

Yannick and I decided to order in some junk food and get pizza, but after an hour and a half the delivery guy called, lost, unable to find my (really easy to find) street, and after I spent 20 minutes on the phone with him telling him exactly where to turn but he didn’t understand me, I cancelled the order. I called the restaurant to complain but they said in order to give me a credit I’d have to have the food delivered. Basically I had to pay for cold food this time to get a credit for next time. No thanks! Plus we’d ordered early enough for Yannick to eat and get to the stores before they closed at 9:00, and it was already 8:30. He didn’t even have time to eat any longer. So he left and I reheated some pasta from Thursday night’s supper. It wasn’t the night I’d planned, but I did get some ample knitting time in. Wanna see?

Oh, wait, that doesn’t show the knitting very well, does it?

Better? 🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Is he winking in that first picture??? What a tease!


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