does it count as progress if no one can see it?

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This photo isn’t from today…I just thought its a shame when only cute, smiling photos are posted, since crying babies are still just as cute. Especially when they are crying really hard and their cries have that rattling, raspy sound. This sounds so mean! Don’t think I let Jakob cry all the time…I don’t! I just think that sometimes he’s adorable when he cries. đŸ™‚

Today was supposed to be a sleepy, rainy day. Instead I got a surprising amount of work done. My mom came over to help me work on the kitchen for a while. Jakob was really good and played in his bouncer or slept most of the time, and we tackled the remaining boxes. There have been 11 boxes stacked in front of my patio door for over a week now, just sitting there and taunting me. 4 of the boxes were easy, as they were one-item boxes (Cuisinart, Raclette, Deep-Fryer and Roaster), but everything else was a hodge-podge of kitchen items, big and small. And Tupperware. I have a LOT of Tupperwear. We decided to empty the 11 boxes once and for all…then realized that we couldn’t really put away the small or every-day items properly, until the larger, rarely-used items were stored, so we’d see how much space was left. I have a very large kitchen (what a change from our old house!) with a lot of cabinet space and I needed to make sure everything was well placed. That meant we had to go downstairs and gather up all the service platters and stuff that I got for my engagement party and bridal shower and wedding, open EVERYTHING up and put it all away. We worked on the kitchen from 1:00-ish until 6:00pm. There is a huge stack of empty, flattened boxes in the middle of the kitchen floor. Most of the cabinets and drawers are fully, and everything has a place. I’d feel great- if only I didn’t still have the 7 original boxes still to unpack! Plus, the kitchen still looks a mess, even though behind the closed cupboard and cabinet doors everything is beautifully placed. Oh well, at least the rest *should* be easier, now that things are organized.

Things with Jakob have been going well too. He has slowly started drinking a bit more, sometimes even up to 10-12 minutes per side, which is amazing for him, since his usual is to chug for 5 minutes then shut his mouth. I’m not used to feedings taking so long, but it is really only a bother at night when I want to go back to sleep. During the day I turn the TV on while I feed him or have a magazine nearby, something flat that can lie open since I still need both hands to feed him.

He has been extremely alert and playful, and it is such a nice change to see his big blue eyes open all the time, compared to his first few days when they were such a novelty because he’d be so lethargic and sleep all the time. He truly has a great personality about him.

I have managed to find some knitting time while he sleeps in my lap after feeding. I did 10 rows today and might manage to squeeze in a few more tonight before crashing. No one has yet guessed what my mystery project is so I’ll give a bit more info: I decided not to use the soda bottles, the nylons, peas and batting were used together, and the knitting comes last. Any ideas now?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “does it count as progress if no one can see it?

  1. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh/smile when Sean cries b/c I agree, it’s just too cute.

    Glad you’re making progress in your new house. I hope to be in that situation (in the west island) in a year ish from now! (Trying to convince Jamie to move! I did manage to get him to consider looking for a house in the west island but I have to remain mouth zipped until the end of the year. He wants until the end of this year to enjoy the house we’re in now. I guess that’s fair. But I want more than 1 bathroom, central air (must!!!) and to be in the west! Ok, I am allowed talking to other people about it… he didn’t say to remain silent from everyone else. LOL!

    Ok, I hear my little bugger in the monitor, ttyl!


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