two months old

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Ok. I’ll cave. Everyone does it, and I can’t resist- “Where did the time go??”

I can’t believe it has been two months since Jakob was born. I love falling in love with my little guy. I love watching his personality emerge, and watching him learn about the world around him. Each day brings so much change, from his eyelashes getting longer and thicker to watching him stare at his hands as his fingers move. I can’t wait until it dawns on him that he’s the one moving them!

I love all the firsts- he smiles all the time now, and has let out two very real, very loud laughs. He holds his head up constantly. He sleeps by himself. He has grown out of many outfits. He recognizes people. He’s getting ticklish.

I could go on and on. Last night my sister’s boyfriend came over for dinner, and although there was a TV on with a funny Simpson’s episode, all three of us spent the entire meal staring at Jakob, who was amusing himself in his bouncer by kicking to make the motion-activated lights and sound operate. Three grown adults, two of which were men, all captivated by this little bundle of wonder.

I’m so lucky that I get to watch him grow, yet even luckier that I get to spend each day with him while he’s so small. I’m lucky that Canda has a better maternity leave system then the US so I can choose 40 or 50 weeks to be home, and I’m lucky that when I go back to work I get to bring him with me every day.

It amazes me that if the last two months have gone so fast, then it will be no time before I go back to work, until he’s in school, until he has his first best friend, first girlfriend, breaks a girl’s heart, gets married, has kids of his own. I want to both see it all right now AND make every second last an eternity.

But right now I want to go cuddle my son. I can’t believe I’m expected to do housework and cook and unpack boxes too. 🙂 Can’t I make cuddling my full-time job?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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