something cute to look at for distraction


Not the most clear of photos, but that little face is our little stubborn child. I say “stubborn” because as of yesterday, the little one is still breech. Which means I am officially scheduled for a C-section. I’m not thrilled about this, but have reconcilled myself to it nonetheless. Luckily they do an ultrasound an hour beforehand, so if any turning does occur (which my doctor HIGHLY doubts) I will get a chance to deliver naturally. I know the next big question is “what’s the date?” and I will share, but only on Monday as I am having a baby shower on Sunday and my mom wants to play the “guess the baby’s birth date” game, and it really wouldn’t be fair if any of my family who reads this knows the exact date. :p

Everything else, blood pressure, etc, is perfect. Not even perfect for me (which is borderline) but really perfect (120/80), so I’m actually doing better than normal. And I still have no pregnancy symptoms, in fact, when the baby isn’t moving, I often forget I’m pregnant. I’m still wearing my same shoes, socks, undergarments, rings, etc… have only the occasional heartburn, rare back ache, no swelling, etc. I know, I know, I’m lucky. While we have had many scares (most of which were blogged about, like the amnio, hospital visits, etc) *knock on wood* there has yet to be anything actually wrong, and this has been, for the most part, an incredibly uneventful pregnancy.

Actually, I have been very lucky. I’m due in 3 weeks, I’m still working for another week and a half, still driving, going out, for as much as my life will change very soon, it hasn’t changed yet. So I know I shouldn’t complain if the worst I get is the need for a c-section. And I know I’ll get over it, and it will be fine in the end, and I have tons of support from both family and friends to help me if I need it, and to get through the recovery, however easy or difficult it might be. But yeah, I can’t help but be disappointed.

So I get 6 wks of recovery to look forwards to, while living among boxes in our old house for at least 3 weeks, then trying to move into the new one. At least I have that cute face too look forwards to meeting. You know how in Cabbage Patch Kids, because they are smiling, the eyes make that half-moon shape? Look at the bottom photo…I swear the kid is grinning, laughing or giggling, which, as anyone who knows me in real life can attest, is TOTALLY me (when I’m not being a moody little brat). I think I recognize my chubby cheeks. 🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “something cute to look at for distraction

  1. I’m so glad everything is going so well, except for the C-Section. Bummer. I’m sending *turn, baby, turn* vibes your way! You have a great attitude–just keep thinking of the prize at the end!


  2. Hang in there! It’s so great that you’ve been able to be so active during the pregnancy, but I don’t blame you for being bummed about the c-section. It will definitely be worth the end result, I’m sure! 🙂


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