slight baby update

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I went to the hospital again tonight. Remember that test I mentioned? It was a 24-hr urine collection. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. So I went to the case room to drop it off for analysis (results by Tuesday) because too much protein is a symptom of preeclampsia. While I was there I asked them to take my blood pressure again just to see. It was high. They waited five minutes and did it again. Slightly lower, but definately still high. After much debate about whether or not they needed to admit me for observation they finally said I could leave, go home and rest (ok, I’m at work but I will be going home in an hour for a spell of knitting and vegging time). The catch? I need to go back tomorrow morning. Not to the case room but to the prenatal center (or is it the perinatal center? I need to look up the difference in the two words) where I go for the diabetes clinic. I need to have them put me on the monitors and check the baby and my blood pressure. If it stays normal I get to go home (or back to work, in my case). If it stays high I’m probably having a baby.

Like that news isn’t enough to raise my blood pressure!

I’ll keep you posted…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “slight baby update

  1. I hope everything goes well! I can’t believe the baby will here so soon. Good luck with all the testing and waiting!


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