FO: Regia Ottawa Baby Booties & progress update


Ta da! So tiny and so cute!
They’re wee!
My hand included for scale.
Project Specs:
Pattern: Christine’s Baby Booties, found free online here
Yarn: Regia Canadian Colors sock yarn, color Ottawa
Needles: 2.5mm
Size: Pattern only gives one size. To make bigger, use bigger yarn and/or needles.
Cast on to Bind off: April 14 – 15 2007. I would have been done on the 14th if I didn’t get visitors, but the visit was worth it. 😉
Would I make this again: YES. I’ve already memorized the pattern just from making this pair. They are so fast and easy, and CUTE. Plus the pattern has a nice stretch to it. Great, great pattern.
What did I do yesterday? My mom and I spent the morning going shopping. For some reason I hate shopping when its for me but love shopping for the baby! First we went to Thyme and I picked up a nursing bra and a pair of pjs with peek-a-boo slits for breastfeeding with some modesty. Then we went to The Wool Shop and I bought buttons for the Ice Cream Cardigan set. I’ll sew those on later then post another FO here. I ran into Uniprix to buy their verson of baby laundry detergent because we were going to go to Zellers but ran late, and had to be at T.O.M.’s for 2pm. The cake and coffee went really well, Laura and Mike (T.O.M.) were great hosts and had snacks out for us and everything. It was VERY amusing to watch my 19 year old sister play hostess. T.O.M.’s parents were very entertaining and we spent the afternoon telling stories and laughing non-stop.
I got some gifties, which is always fun. My brother Aaron gave me a belated Chanukah/birthday gift- this book. I’m so excited to go through it! The only thing holding me back is knowing how many WIPs I have going on already. Then, for no reason at all, T.O.M.’s parents gave me a gift for the baby! Two little outfits! That was so sweet of them, especially since it was the first time we’d met.
We left there with enough time to run to Zellers before they closed and we did some shopping fo the wee one. I bought a few t-shirts, some wash cloths and a blanket, and my mom bought a few onesies.
It was so late when I got home- I’d left the house at 11:00am to pick my mom up and finally walked in the door shlepping all my parcels at 6:45pm. It was a LONG day and I was zonked, but I knew if I didn’t do any of my self-imposed “chores” right away then I would never get them done. I was much too tired to handle packing house stuff, but I could tackle my hospital bag. First things first meant I had to wash all of the baby’s stuff so it would be ready and then I could choose the outfits for the hospital and be able to pack them. I went through all the bags of clothes we’ve been given so far by family and friends, and the few items I’d bought in Florida on our honeymoon when we found out we were pregnant. I pulled off all stickers and plastic tags and set everything out on the table to see what we had.
Holy crap!

This kid has A LOT of clothes! Not even born yet and already has a full wardrobe!

It took me 2 loads of laundry and staying up until 11:45pm to get it all washed and dried, and I didn’t even get to wash the handknits yet. Those don’t matter so much because most are sized for 9 months to a year, but I want to wash the Alphabet Blankie and I’d left it upstairs by mistake. I’m going to do another load of baby stuff today when I finish sewing on the buttons for the Ice Cream Cardigan so I’ll wash all the stuff I’d knit then.

It took me until 12:30am to fold everything and put it away, and since I had to be at the hospital at 8:15am this morning for my latest checkup I didn’t get around to packing the hospital bag. That’s my chore for today.

Trying to fit all this stuff:

plus clothes for me, clothes for the baby, toiletries and other assorted stuff into the black bag in the front. Thank goodness Yannick is bringing his own bag with a change of clothes and some snacks!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “FO: Regia Ottawa Baby Booties & progress update

  1. Why in gods name are you buying SO MUCH STUFF? YOu havent even had your TWO baby showers yet! Trust me you will end up with stuff you WONT EVEN USE!!!! That’s what happened to me. Keep tags on until you actually plan to use – or you wont be able to return it. You have to see how much stuff you actually DONT use! LOL

    Just advice from a new mommmy! 🙂


  2. The booties are just the cutest ones ever! I don’t know how you are doing everything – working, knitting, packing, PLUS growing a baby – you’re the original Wonder Woman! How did your checkup go?


  3. I love the booties! I may have to try that pattern for a gift for some friends. You will definitely have one well-dressed baby!


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