when did I eat a jumping bean?

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I haven’t posted much lately because I haven’t had photos to share, and always feel like the blog posts are a “disappointment” if there are no photos accompanying them. At this rate I won’t get any posting done, so from now on I’ll try to post what I can and just be satisfied with that. I’ll throw in some extra links or something to compensate. 🙂

My dad booked Yannick and Kevin to work all of this weekend and next weekend doing some renovations at the store. Their big plan is to repaint and move all the big units and shelves around to make room for the new units that we’re having built, and thusly give the store its first round of major renovations in about 10 years.

This means Yannick will be arriving here at the store at 5pm, just in time to say goodbye to me, and not coming home until Monday. My dad has it in his head that they will be pulling all-nighters to get the work done, because the store needs to be in some kind of working order before we reopen Tuesday morning (most of the year we work Tues-Sat).

I know they’ll have to stop tomorrow afternoon because we were all invited to my sister’s boyfriend’s house for cake and coffee to meet his family for the first time. He, like most of our friends growing up, tend to live at our place most of the time because my parents were always open to having our friends over. The door was always open and food always available. Her boyfriend’s name is Mike but that is also one of my brothers’ names so for the ease of this blog I’ll call him T.O.M. which stands for “The Other Mike”. In any case, T.O.M. has his own house so when they are not hanging out at my parents’ house they are at his place so there hasn’t been an occassion for the two families to meet before. Technically (that we know of) there isn’t an occassion now as there are no holidays coming up, they’ve only been together around 6 months and don’t have any special announcements to share (again, that we know of).

Yannick will also have to stop on Monday to be home for 11am since we are having someone come by to measure our house for a new Certificate of Location which we need to complete our Act of Sale. I can’t be there since I’ll be at the hospital for my semi-regular blood diabetes clinic check up and will have to stay late this time for the NST (Non-Stress Test, where they have me lie down for 30 minutes with monitors on my belly to see how responsive the baby is).

In any case, Yannick won’t be around much. Because of this I was planning on getting as much packing done as possible since we do have the big move coming up and we’re only about 35% done. (And of the 27 boxes packed so far, I’ve packed 24 and Yannick has done 3- but who’s counting?)

About 10 minutes ago I decided to scrap the packing plan. This kid has been squirming, dancing and bopping around pretty much non-stop all day and I am getting so tired! I love this feeling and will miss it terribly once I give birth, but it’s tough too. My body is getting a workout even when it looks like I’m just sitting still. I’m still working, and while I don’t always come in bright and early in the morning, I am always here until closing time, 5 days a week, then get home no earlier than 6:45pm to start making supper and pack for a bit. It’s starting to get very long and tiring, even just sitting at my desk at work. When I sit for more than 5 minutes the baby settles and my muscles relax, and then when I get up to walk I almost have to mince around for the first few minutes because the baby’s weight pulls down but my muscles are still in the “sitting” state and to make a long story short it pulls and hurts. It goes away after I’ve been up and mobile about 15 minutes but the initial “getting up and walking” isn’t fun.

Enough complaining. I am going to turn tonight around and enjoy it. Tomorrow I can finish my errands, go for the meet&greet then spend all afternoon/evening packing, plus I have Monday too. Tonight I will do only 2 things.

1) Start packing my hospital bag. I don’t want to accidentally pack (cardboard box) stuff I need for the baby or the hospital, so the sooner I get this bag packed and put aside, the better. I went to the Pharmacy last night to get a few things I was missing, and tomorrow I will go and get the rest. In the meantime I will empty the bag I want to use, pack up what I can and tick off the items packed on my checklist so I know that they are in there.

2) Knit. Quel surprise, eh? A few weeks ago I was at my LYS and picked up some Sandes Smart Superwash wool to knit up an Einstein Coat from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. I had started it on Wednesday night and done about 40 rows when I rechecked my gauge and found it much too tight. So I ripped back and will restart it tonight with a larger needle. Some mindless garter is just the ticket for tonight. I’m going to push to see how much I can get done before I fall asleep.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “when did I eat a jumping bean?

  1. All that movement must feel odd! Good luck with all the packing. We will be moving in the summer, and we are not looking forward to having to pack up everything just one year after the BIG MOVE. I can’t imagine how busy you must be with everything going on!


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