FO: baby socks


Daddy’s socks.
Baby’s socks.
I made the little kiddo a pair of socks using yarn left over from a pair of socks I’d made for Yannick…last year? I used a pattern given to me by Nicole, who had taught the knitting class I’d taken when I first started knitting again. (I know I could technically say “my old knitting teacher” but I wouldn’t want her to ever read this and think I’m calling her “old”!). The baby variation helps the socks stay on better since the entire leg and top of the foot are ribbed. These knit up fast! I cast-on for them on the 21st of this month, but haven’t done much knitting because I’ve been trying to pack in the evenings. I’d guess that each sock takes about 4 hours, MAX. (I’m extending the time in case you are slow doing ribbing). And how cute are they? I’m going to go through my sock yarn stash and see what other leftovers I have from our socks and knit up matching socks for the baby.
Yarn: Mega Boots Stretch
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: from Nicole at The Wool Shop
Cast-on to Bind-off: March 21-30 2007
Would I knit this again: YES!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “FO: baby socks

  1. How cute – so tiny! It always amazes me how teeney tiny baby clothes are. How are you feeling?


  2. Those socks are very cute, and they match his daddy’s! I plan to make some little booties/socks for friends who just had a little boy. I think it will be good practice for some grown-up size socks I plan to start soon.


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