hey, look – i have been knitting


I’ve been babbling lately about the house, the SuperBowl, and the baby. How come no one reminded me that this was a knitting blog?
I am thisclose to finishing the Knitter’s Gloves. They are due Tuesday night at the monthly guild meeting, and since I only have minor stuff like sewing on snaps and weaving in ends left, I am going to put it off until Monday so I can get some more fun knitting in. I had been knitting the gloves with black Sisu sock yarn and the chance to work on anything with color is so thrilling right now! First up is the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket. I used my provisional cast-on adaptation (that’s the yellow cotton on the bottom). I’m using an acrylic from Wal-Mart. I know, I know, acrylic + baby blankets = bad news in case of a fire. I will make sure to keep my baby away from all fires when this blanket is around. Because of the charts this is NOT portable knitting. The charts are easy to follow but I enjoy keeping this at home for when I have a good chunk of knitting time. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the second row (from the bottom) of 4 alphabet rows, then comes the tedious part of knitting a sideways border around. I’m thrilled with how it is coming out, though, and really enjoy working on it. It’s got a chart but it’s kind of mindless at the same time- a really nice combination.

This is the blue and white entrelac blankie of my own design. Ok, I didn’t make up entrelac, but I decided how big the blocks should be, how many stitches to cast on, and I will make up some kind of border (I’m thinking either garter strips or a full garter border with mitered corners) once the main body is done. I’m using Patons Decor in the two shades and I love it! It’s nice and squooshy and I find that the blue and white combo is so crisp that it works equally well for a boy or girl. My favorite color is blue, anyways. This is completely mindless knitting so I had kept it in my (large) purse to carry around for waiting rooms and car trips until I had the deadline for the Knitter’s Gloves. Now that those are (almost) done this comes back in the rotation. I really want to have the baby stuff knit before the baby gets here, and what with the move and all I’m worried I’ll run out of time.

This is the “Clown Cardigan”, so named for the Clown sock yarn the pattern was written for. I’m using one of the Regia Canadian colors…I forget which one right now. This jumbled mess (from being squished in the bag for a few months) is the back and most of one of the front pieces.

I am making one minor change to the pattern. It is supposed to be knit with the knit side being the right (as opposed to wrong) side.

The knit side.

After much consideration, I find that with the subtling changing variagation in this colorway, I much, much prefer the purl side. So I have adapted the decreases and any other pattern notes to be done on the NEW wrong side – the knit side.

The purl side.

There’s just something cute and scruffy…less “polished” about the purl side.

On the house front we had another visit this afternoon. I haven’t heard from our agent yet to see how it went, but it is rather exciting to have such interest so soon. Scary too…there might have been a small part of me that didn’t want there to be any interest so we could just wait out the time then get ready for baby here in the home we’ve lived in for the last 5 years. But I want a larger house, and I want a garage, and a separate dining room, and I know that while it will be hard at first, it will be over soon and so worth it in the end. So it’s ok. But still strange.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “hey, look – i have been knitting

  1. I really love the alphabet blanket (and your entrelac blanket will be GORGEOUS!).

    Also, do you know why bloglines can’t find a feed to your blog anymore? I used to subscribe to yours but it disappeared from my feeds and everytime I try to resub, it tells me it can’t find a feed 😦


  2. You have to post Yannick’s progress!!!


  3. What a beautiful group of projects! I agree that the purl side has more interest with this yarn. Both the alphabet blanket and the entrelac look fantastic. This is going to be one lucky baby!

    Good luck with the house selling/buying! We will moving into a new house in the spring and we feel the same way. It will be a pain to move, but so worth it in the end.


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