who do we look like?


This was fun! I completely imitated the inimitable (sp?) Deawn. I enjoyed it so much that I ran it for almost every friend/family member whose photo I had on my work computer. Enjoy!

(Note: if anyone wants me to remove their photo just email me and I’ll take it down. For some of you I only had old photos too, so I did the best I could.)



My brother Mike:

My brother Aaron:

My sister Laura:

My friend Debbie:

My friend Julie:

My friend Jackie:

My friend Kevin:

My friend Rich:
Shoot- I don’t have a photo of Rich online. Sorry Rich! Email me one if you want me to make one up!

It’s fun! Go try it out!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “who do we look like?

  1. Your friend Laura? I’m really suprised that she doesn’t have a comparison to Naomi Watts, because to me she’s a dead ringer. (Where in the world did that simile come from? What is a dead ringer? Anybody?)



  2. That’s a fun game! I actually study face recognition, so I am intrigued by these types of programs based on my field of research. This one uses very simple criteria for matching, such as hair and the viewing angle of the face (how nerdy is that?)


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