FO: Crocheted Dish/Face Cloths and Soap Saver Bag

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A short while ago I put a call out on a swap board looking for peoples’ left-over sock yarn. Any scraps you have after making a pair or using the yarn for something else…I’ll take it. I need lots.

In any case, one woman named Judy was kind enough to send me some from her stash, and sweet enough that she didn’t ask me for postage. So as a thank-you, I crocheted her this little set which I will be mailing tomorrow.
They are all crocheted with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and are quick to make, but the results are so cute!These guys are made from a free pattern found at the dishcloth boutique. I hadn’t realized until I saw them in daylight that the two cottons weren’t the same- I’d thought I was using a solid white and a blue/white blend. Now I see it’s a blue/cream blend. Design feature, yeah, that’s it. 🙂

This soap-saver bag was also made from a free pattern, but I Googled for a bit until I found one I liked so I forget right now where it was from. One of the first links that come up for “soap savers” has a list of about 10, and it’s in there. Should be easy to find. I varied the pattern only by working the middle section in the variegated yarn, otherwise I followed it as written. I’d thought it was coming out too big but after holding it next to a bar of soap it looks like the correct size.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to the post office to pop these in the mail, along with Rebecca’s Samantha dress. I’m also mailing a booklet to Faith over at the Knitting Cook ‘cus it’s something she mentioned once on her podcast and I know she’ll like it.

Today I think I’m going to veg out. Yannick just stepped out to buy ingredients for his special “Yum-Yums” (a breakfast treat he makes) and I’m going to do a few rows on a baby blanket I started. I have another FO I will post as soon as it finishes drying from blocking, and one thisclosetobeingdone wip that just needs a zipper sewn in so I’ll try to remember to pick one up when I go out tomorrow.

That reminds me. I have a couple of other thisclosetobeingdone wips lying around here someplace. I always seem to get into the same moods…I can’t wait to cast-on for a new project, then I can’t wait for the decreases or increases or whatever to break up any boring sections, then I can’t wait to get close enough to bind off. Most of the time I can’t wait to seam and be done too. But sometimes I get waylaid before seaming…usually by another project…and then there is no motivation for me to finish the first project. If there was still one more row to knit so I could bind off and free up the needles…that could work as motivation. But when it’s lying in the bag just waiting for a few finishing touches…how lazy can I be?

Maybe for 2007 I need to push myself to knock off as many “should be FO”s as I can? I know that there’s a baby cardigan that just needs buttons sewn on and a side seam done up, and a fluffy purse that only needs its silk lining sewn in. I also have a “Kosher” sweater that only needs about 8 rows of ribbing then to be bound off (it’s been waiting in this state for almost 2 years!). The Perfect Knitting Bag only needs finishing touches too. I can’t promise to finish the Enchanted Forest cardi that still needs tons of knitting, nor my Clapotis that I keep saying “I want to wear this winter”, nor my Birthday Suit top/skirt that I shouldn’t even count as a wip because I only ever knit 1 row and that was over 2 years ago…but the other stuff I listed? I have no excuse for not finishing them.

Sorry, that sound you just heard was me cracking the bullwhip. I think the few rows on the baby blanket can wait…I’m off to sew on some buttons.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “FO: Crocheted Dish/Face Cloths and Soap Saver Bag

  1. That set is so cute! I’m sure she’ll love them.

    I hear on finishing things. I have so many nearly finished craft projects, I should really be ashamed of myself. And yet, I keep starting new things.


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