FO: Rebecca’s Samantha Coat/Dress

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On the 11th of December I finished a sweet little coat/dress for my friend Jessica’s daughter Rebecca. The pattern is by Kate Gilbert and is available on her website ( and is called “Samantha”. The original dress is all white but I wanted to add a little something with a splash of color.

The only changes I made to the pattern (besides adding the intarsia) were to knit in the bottom hem instead of sewing it in. Had I chosen to do the sleeves from the cuff-up I could have done it there too, but I followed the pattern and did them top-down. (I don’t really mind sewing down a hem, but I’m lazy and if I can have it done for me via knitting-in…why not?)

This is a really cute little coat/dress. My favorite part is the smocking band that goes around the middle. I had a really giddy sense of accomplishment once I’d finished that section and everyone who has seen the dress in person agrees that it really makes the dress look professional, and, (dare I say it?) store-bought.

Now that it’s all done I will be mailing it off to them while it will *hopefully* still fit.

p.s. As will be my custom now, I will post a few FO or WIP photos here but dump the bulk of them (including ones that aren’t “blog worthy”) in my photobucket account so if you click on the link for each FO in the left sidebar you will probably get to see more photos than just the ones I post.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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