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Remember back before the wedding, when I mentioned going to pick up my wedding cake and finding a crack in it? A broken wedding cake? I just remembered I never posted the photos. This is what I saw when I peeked in the box at the cake place. (We had only ordered the top tier to freeze for our anniversary, the other tiers were fake ones provided by the hall we got married at). The top of the cake is blank because that was where we put the mouse statue I pointed out the other day. The flowers on the sides perfectly match the rosebuds on the statue.
This is when I opened the box. It’s clearly broken! Funny thing is that the crack is right where one would put their finger in the top of the lid to make a dent to be able to pull it up. (Funny other thing is that they rushed a new cake the next day and delivered it right to the wedding…and that one was cracked too! But I don’t know if anyone else noticed that…they put the crack in the back where it would be more hidden).

Thanks to all for the sweet comments on my post from Friday. I’m going to address 2 of them here.

Lindsay asked:
OH MY GOD!!! Are you having twins?
LOL no! (Although I was worried until we had our ultrasound…but it clearly showed only one extremely active little kiddo). Did I ever share how we told my family that we were pregnant? See, we found out on the last week of our honeymoon, so we had one week to be the only ones who knew. I’d found these cute little bibs at a Walmart in Florida, one says “I love my Grandma” and the other “I love my Grandpa”. So using those, I came up with a cute way to tell them. When we got home from our trip we went over to my parents’ house (we had a good excuse because it was Rosh Hashana and we had dinner plans with them). We told my family that we had bought them souvenirs from Florida. I had written 3 cards, one each for my 2 brothers and my sister. Each card said on the outside “Don’t read this out loud. Don’t let mom or dad see the inside. Don’t react until they open their gift.” Once they all had read that and nodded that they understood, we gave my parents a box to open, and told my sibs they could open their cards. Inside each cards was “You’re going to be an (uncle or aunt)! We’re pregnant!”. Inside the box for my parents was the two bibs. Unfortunately my sister ruined the “surprise” because she immediately screamed, jumped and hugged the life out of me…but my mom said she had a feeling anyways because it was odd that we’d given them the exact same cards. So…no twins. :]

JayJay wrote:
Congratulations! What a nice looking couple you are! (Is it my imagination or does your hair seem to lighten and darken in sync with one another?)
That’s true! (Uh…the hair part, lol). I don’t know if I ever posted the first photo I have of Yannick and I. He was Billy Idol and I was a bumblebee, and it was taken at the Hallowe’en party of the bar I worked at where I met him. He had just gotten back from Florida and he’d bleached his hair while there, so when I first met him my hair was a bit darker (every few years I get bored of being blonde and I dye it something…brown, red, anything goes) and he was the blondie. When we started dating I used to cut school and nap at his house, because along with being in university I was also working 2 jobs for about 3 months. In June I had started working as a cashier/copy center person at Bureau en Gros (Quebec version of the Staples chain) and in August I started also working at the bar, school started again in September, we “dated” for the month of November and made it official December 1st. I didn’t quit B.en.G. for only the bar (better money and more fun!) until sometime near the holidays, so for a while my weeks looked like this:
Mon through Thurs: school, possibly working at B.en.G. after classes, or possibly working at the bar Thurs nights
Fri: work 10am-5pm B.en.G., work 10pm – 5 am at bar (bar closed at 3am then you have to clean)
Sat: work 10am-5pm B.en.G., work 10pm-5am at bar
Sun: work 11am-5pm B.en.G.

So you can see how I was a wee bit tired. So often on Monday or Tuesday I’d skip a class, meet Yannick for lunch and spend the afternoon sleeping in his bed while he renovated his bathroom. One such time his mom had been complaining about his bleached hair and asked me what I thought. Right as I crashed I sleepily said I didn’t remember him with brown hair but that it might be cute. While I slept he ran across the street to the pharmacy, bought some dye and dyed it brown for me. I woke up a few hours later and ta da! LOL

Over the years I’d either bleached his or done highlights, not realizing it coincided with my own! That’s too funny! (What’s also too funny is my memory of the time both Yannick and my brother Mike came over to my apartment so I could give them highlights. The kit they’d picked up used the cap with all the holes and the sharp pointy tiny crochet hook to spear out the hairs you wanted to dye. Oh boy did the two of them cry about how much it hurt them! Wussies!!! I laughed. Oh how I laughed! I tried telling them “beauty is pain”. They didn’t listen.)

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Wow, I would have been so ticked about the cake! It looked so perfect except for that one spot. You’d think they’d know better and would be more careful?

    What a great story for how you told your family about the baby!

    Thanks for clearing up the issue about the haircolor. 🙂 I can just imagine Yannick and his brother in agony as you pulled their hair through the cap. Ouch!


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