googly? googlie? googelie? ahh…funny eyes


First up we have the newly fixed up Just Ducky set. As you can see I changed the blue button eyes for the googly eyes. I like them better, although I still think the duck looks slightly…uh…slow. I will at some point need to either run elastic through the ribbing or reknit it because it is not stretchy at all, just floppy.
Up next is the Froggy set. I sewed the googlie eyes onto white pom poms which I then attached to the hat. The socks are flippers! This amuses me greatly. The only annoying thing was that it was in reverse stockinette stitch, so the whole thing is purled. I don’t mind purling…I just prefer it when there is a break every now and then. You have no idea how much I started looking forwards to the decreases!

Finally, here’s me at 15 weeks. I’m HUGE! I find this very funny, because I’ve only (finally) gained 1.5 lbs. 1.5 LBS! This means that a significant amount of my fat has shifted from my face, legs and waist all into my belly. I’ve never had a belly begin right under my boobs before. This also amuses me greatly. 🙂 I just can’t imagine how big I’ll be by the end of this pregnancy!

p.s. to Anonymous who warned me about taking hot baths- already looked into that, but thanks! I made sure the water wasn’t too hot and didn’t soak for too long. Plus I had called my doc (that was call # 3 of the apparently abusive phone calls) to find out if it was ok, at what temp, and could I turn on the spa jets.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “googly? googlie? googelie? ahh…funny eyes

  1. Nice belly shot! You should do them weekly (same day each week – I do them on Thursdays, cuz that’s the day my week changes) to see your progress! It’s amazing how the body adapts for pregnancy. On another note, why do people leave anonymous comments? Too ashamed to leave their name? Weird!


  2. OH MY GOD!!! Are you having twins?


  3. Ooooh, the baby stuff is so cute! Cute belly too! It’s nice to know that the baby just takes whatever it needs.


  4. Love the pic! And congrats on the anniversary!


  5. That Just Ducky set is really rather cute. I agree that the eyes make it look, er, slow.


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