you should have been there!

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Last night’s knit-together was so much fun! I was in a corner with Deawn, Mona, Karine and Yannick…it’s a good thing I didn’t drink too much ‘cus I think I would have peed, I was laughing so hard. There were a lot of people there, let’s see if I can remember…there was Robyn, Peggy, Olga (new), Angela, Jennie, Veronik, Molly Ann…(anyone else get a Romper Room flashback?).

Mona was a lovely little yarn fairy and brought a couple of bags of left overs and odds and ends for us to devour like vultures peruse and choose from at our leisure. I scored some nice little odd balls:

These 4 balls are Schewe Baumwoll-Mix, 50% Baumwolle (wool?) and 50% Polyacryl (acrylic?). I plan to use them for a cute little cabled sweater for the baby. Boy or girl, I think it would be adorable with a mini pair of jeans on a Fall day.

This bit is some unknown fiber, probably wool, assumed to be feltable. I’ll try a spit-splice when I feel in the mood. It will probably end up marinating in the stash for a while, eventually ending up as an accent color in a pair of felted clogs or something.

This is a yarn made up of 4 strands of thinner yarn. I was told it is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It will be another sweater for the baby (or probably the “kid” at that point). What, me knit for myself? It will probably be in stockinette as I’m not sure if anything more patterned would show up, and I really don’t think the yarn(s?) would hold up well to a cable unless I knit it at a really tight gauge. I’ll wait and see once I swatch some of it up.

This is some more of the same stuff as above in a different color. I don’t think I’d use the two together…are the colors too similar? I can’t decide. Maybe I’ll use it for kiddie socks.

These are supposed to be 2 little left overs of merino. I think. If I can trust my pregnancy fog to remember what Mona said so many hours ago.

Lastly, these are…I don’t know. What you get when you spin the 70s? In any case, I thought they were cute, and if I have a girl I KNOW I will end up with plenty of opportunities to knit something sparkly.

So see, you should have been there. You would have laughed, and you could have scored free yarn.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “you should have been there!

  1. No, “baumwolle” isn’t wool; it’s cotton. “Baum” is tree and “wolle” is fiber = “tree fiber” = cotton. So, since it’s mixed with acrylic (you were right on that one ;), the tot’s sweater is probably washable. Yeah!

    And I’m still waiting to hear about the pattern for those socks!


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