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I’m good at keeping a secret, aren’t I? :] We have told people we know “in real life” but I waited to post the news here because I wanted to wait until after the ultrasound, just to make sure everything was ok with the baby.

So, yes, Yannick and I are having a honeymoon baby. Say “hi”!

I am officially 12 wks and 6 days pregnant. I’ve known since September 13th, as we took a few (three!) pregnancy tests during our honeymoon. On the 13th (early) it was “unclear”. On the 17th (period due) it was “yes” and on the 20th (once I was officially late) it was practically blinking and flashing. After yesterday’s ultrasound the due date has been raised from May 25th to the 19th. We don’t know if it is a boy or girl yet, as it is still too small to tell. We will be able to see at our next ultrasound (at the end of December) and we probably will be finding out, but not necessarily telling anyone.

We’d been really nervous, because at my last appointment the baby was too small for the doctor to find the heartbeat for us to hear, so we have had no confirmation that the baby was doing ok. Finally yesterday we got to not only hear the fast thudding, but actually see the baby jumping and squirming and moving pretty much non-stop. It was the freakiest thing in the world to see, especially since I can’t feel it yet.

Author: Jennifer Lori

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3 thoughts on “baby news

  1. Wow I just flipped over here after reading about you on Yarnharlot. Congrats on your new wee one..imagaine all the knitting you can get done between now and then! Wool diaper covers, blankets, socks, sweaters… could be ENDLESS!


  2. Also just found you through Yarn Harlot’s post… congratulations!!


  3. And one more who found you from Stephanie’s page. Also one more who thought “The bowling socks…they must be mine!” Please tell me where to get the pattern. My email is

    And hurray for the baby news! I totally remember the oddness of seeing this little jellybean-sized person squirming and bouncing on the screen, and I couldn’t feel it. And to see that someone who could fit on my thumbnail had a tiny flickering heartbeat…I just melted. Huge congratulations and best wishes from one who has been there. (My first was a honeymoon baby too.)


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