where did the weekend go?

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I didn’t do much over the week but get some knitting done. I didn’t get much done Friday night either but knitting…the kicker is where I did it and who I got to see. I’ll give you a hint. I had a great time but my cousin has the photos so I’m just waiting to get them from her and then I’ll post all about it. After that Yannick and I went back to La Louisianne for dinner. We shared some yummy alligator (that felt strange to type) and sweet potato fries, then he had the crawfish again and I went for the crab cakes. (Highly recommended).

Saturday I worked and was so tired by the end of the day that I literally came home with Yannick, made some Kraft dinner, watched a movie (Thank You For Smoking, also highly recommended) and was in bed, asleep, by 11:30pm. I’ve been zonked lately!

Today we had brunch with my parents, siblings, my grandmother and my sister’s boyfriend. It was nice going out all of us together. Usually we go out for dinner to celebrate (belated) birthdays, but this time it was easier to get us together during daylight hours, so we brunched at Bocaccino’s in the West Island. I kinda feel like my family forgot my birthday this year, since it happened while I was away on my honeymoon. I know they usually bunch all the gifts up together at Hanukah time, but usually there are at least phone calls. This year it kinda went unnoticed except by Yannick who remembered to get me a card in advance so he could give it to me on the cruise. My gift from him had to wait until we got home, but I know what it is and it’s been ordered and trust me it’s a good one!

Tonight we went bowling with one of my brothers and my cousin. I bowled the first game with them (and sucked majorly, I’m not even telling my score…let’s just say it only had 2 digits) then sat out the next two and knit so they could practice for Tuesday night. (My dad, brother Mike, cousin Jon and Yannick are a team in a local bowling league). I’ve been working on the dinosaur for my cousin whose wife gave birth at the end of the summer. (I don’t remember if I’d blogged about this). I’d wanted to have it done for his bris but he was born early because his mom was induced. Then I had the wedding and honeymoon, and I’d returned the library book that the pattern was from because I knew I was leaving for 3 weeks. I figured I’d rent it when I got back, but I couldn’t find the book at the library. I finally clued in to reserve the book, and finally got to pick it up on the 5th of Nov, so I’ve been working on him ever since. I think he’s going to be so cute!

Now I’m off to bed because tomorrow is a big day.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “where did the weekend go?

  1. MmMmMmMMMMMMmmmmmm La Louisianne! Yummy! The Harlot was a blast and a half, I agree.

    Good luck on the big day!


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