good intentions

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I’m so annoyed with Blogger.

I tried posting photos. I really did. But I’ve just sat here at the computer for 15 minutes while Firefox or Mozilla or whatever it’s called sat there “uploading” my photos. I’m sorry, but after 15 minutes with no little “done” blue box, I’ve had enough.

A few years ago Blogger was great. Then they updated their Upload Photo page and ever since I’ve had such a hard time uploading photos. With Internet Explorer the photos would only upload about 10% of the time. Of course, you’d still have to sit there for 10 minutes while they “loaded” to know if it would work or not. I bugged them for a long time through email and finally they said they had a better success rate with Mozilla. Most of the time it works. But at least 20% of the time I sit here fuming at the computer waiting for that little blue button.

Tonight I’ve had enough. So no photos for you. Feel free to complain to Blogger about it. Maybe they’ll finally fix the problem.

(Funny…I search in their archives and find hundreds of people saying they have problems uploading…yet they don’t think they have a problem…)

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “good intentions

  1. Beta.blogger has no problems with uploading. I’ve never had a problem! 🙂


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