new knitting store in mtl and to carin


So I’ve been pretty mum lately on what’s going on in my life…partly because there’s not much to tell. I’ve been really zonked at night and once I get home from work I usually veg in front of the TV. Once or twice I have the energy to take my knitting out and put it on my lap, but I really haven’t done much. I did get a burst of productivity this week, as earlier in the week I turned the heel and finished the gusset on Yannick’s Bday socks, and last night I got up to 170 rows completed…200 rows gets me to where I can decrease for the toes. Blah blah what does this mean? Hopefully before the end of the weekend I can knit something else!

I have a dinosaur to knit for my cousin Phil and Lisa’s son Oliver, an elephant to knit for Robyn’s future child (that we’ll go buy the yarn for on Monday), I’d like to finish my Honeymoon Shawl even though I don’t know when I would ever wear a shawl, and I really want to finish my Clapotis before winter officially gets here. Then there are the Bowling socks to get around to before Hanukah, and my Enchanted Forest cardi to work on eventually, and all the million or so other projects I either want to knit, or have to knit.

Last night Robyn, Kadi, Jennie, Caroline, Angela and I represented the Montreal Knits group at a knitting thing at a new knitting store that opened up on St-Hubert street. I’m going to totally murder the name of the place but it’s something like Effiloché and it’s pretty cool. Lots of Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden, Regia, Berrocco yarns, Recycled Silks, Uruguayan hand-dyed wool (Malobrogo or something?) and other funky stuff. No Patons or anything like that, in fact the only acrylic I remember seeing was some rayon and stuff mixed in with the sock yarns or the Berrocco stuff. But if you’re looking for something cool or different, or gorgeous colors, go! Lots of knitting magazines too and tons of needles, especially a lot of bamboo needles. Because it’s also a sewing shop, there were tons of buttons and ribbons and odds and ends like that. You’ll know it’s the right place because the original Clapotis is in the window, and you’ll see others of Kate’s patterns there, including the really, really cool felted trick-or-treat Hallowe’en bag. (By the way, are we still putting the ‘ in Hallowe’en? I thought I read somewhere that we don’t do that anymore.) I think I might put in an order for some Dale Baby Ull when they get it in next week. I’m too chicken to drive to St-Hubert but the owner said she’d ship it to me if I wanted, so I might just get my hands on some. She had one ball in last night as a tease, and I got to squeeze it. Mmmm…

Edited to add: I almost forgot the best part! I bought some yarn last night. I limited myself to just one thing…a 100g ball of sock yarn. I know, like I needed more, right? But wait- there’s more! The sock yarn has Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil in it! It conditions your hands while you knit, and your feet while you wear the socks. The oils are supposed to last for about 40 washes, and the yarn feels so very soft with it. I bought it in a mix of light greens and pinks figuring I don’t have any girly socks.

I woke up early this morning before work so I did another 10 rows on the sock (180 rows down, if you’re still counting) and am about to go get dressed and split. Tonight we’ll grab some dinner then go over to our friends Steph and Steph for some coffee and dessert, and I don’t know what we have in the works for tomorrow but I know we need clear out the basement to make room for my parents’ old wall unit so there might be a cleaning day in the cards for me. Ugh.

To Carin:
Hi! Wow long time no see! I think the last time I ran into you was…I remember it was somewhere. Was it at Concordia or at the B’nai Brith building on Ct-St-Cath? I would have replied privately but you left the comment as anonymous so I don’t have an email address for you.

How on earth did you find my website? And thanks for the compliment on the knitting…I can do a few things well. :] I’d ask you a whole bunch of questions but if you email me directly instead of leaving a comment then we can take this off-blog.

p.s. Wanna know something funny? I don’t know if you’re still there, but every time I watch Debbie Travis I look for you. Caught you on screen a few times here and there. I always yell to whoever is near “I used to know her”. They usually don’t care.

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2 thoughts on “new knitting store in mtl and to carin

  1. Jenn – you are right – it is called Effiloché! I had a good time last night! Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Knitting was super fun! The uruguayan (?) yarn is Malabrigo!

    Take care


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