you’ve waited long enough…WEDDING PHOTOS!

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Yannick’s family:
His sister Brigitte, her husband Matthieu, me, Yannick, his mom Nicole, his dad Marcel
Brigitte & Matthieu’s sons: Justin (5), Alexandre (10), Nicholas (9), William (3)

My sister Laura, my mom Betti and me.

The huppah is the wedding canopy we got married under.

Me under the huppah.


Me in the bridal room.

I love this photo…my garter, my shoes, earrings, necklace, bracelet, veil, bouquet, hair comb and our wedding rings.

He’s so cute!

Me again.

My parents’ and in-laws’ favorite photo of me.

Me and my sister Laura

Getting married! Under the huppah there are Yannick’s parents, Kevin (his best man), us,
the minister who married us, my parents and Laura (my maid of honor).

The bridal party (row by row):
Richard (our good friend), Jon (my cousin), Mike (my brother), Robyn (my cousin)
Julie (one of my best friends and Rich’s wife), Kevin (Yannick’s best friend), Kevin (our good friend)
Yannick, me, Aaron (my brother), Nicholas (Yannick’s nephew), Stacey (my cousin)
Laura (my sister), Justin (Yannick’s nephew), William (Yannick’s nephew), Debbie (one of my best friends), Jackie (one of my best friends and Kevin’s wife)
Alexandre (Yannick’s nephew), Vanessa (my cousin)

Laura was my maid of honor, Kevin was Yannick’s best man, Rich, Kevin, Jon, Mike and Aaron were our ushers, Julie, Jackie, Debbie, Robyn and Stacey were our bridesmaids, Alex, Nick, Justin and William were our ring bearers and Vanessa was our flower girl.

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