Finally- a FO I can post!


This is the Harlequin baby blanket that I knit for the MKG’s charity drive this coming year. I believe that the blankets will be raffled, and the knitters will have our names put in a hat, and the person whose name is drawn gets to pick where the raffle money goes…to which charity.

The yarn is Tessin by Muench. I’m not too keen on the colors, but love this yarn and the way it works up in garter. It’s so nice and floppy and a child will love it…I want to buy some of this yarn to make something for my future children! I’m so glad I chose to ask for a yarn pack. This yarn is a great example of something I would have seen on the net or in person and NEVER would have picked up to buy…to garish and the colors are just not me. Yet I love the final fabric it creates and am eager to work with it again…in the right project.
It doesn’t seem that big when you’re knitting it…squares of garter knit as one piece with no seaming in the end. But when I laid it down on the bed to photograph…it’s huge!
Thanks to V. for sending the link re: the good wife article:
What a relief!

So the wedding is Sunday and I still am not freaking out. I’m frantically trying to get the house clean for our guests Thursday night, and trying to remember to pack everything for our honeymoon, and to get my brother moved in, and stuff like that…but not about the wedding.

I have had 2 dreams so far about stuff going wrong at the wedding, so I think my subconscious is a little more worried than I am. :/

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Finally- a FO I can post!

  1. That’s a fantastic blanket. Some kid is going to love it!


  2. I am sure that everything will be fine on Sunday – no worries!!! Love the blanket, I need to finish seaming mine.


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