Bowling Sock Progress!


I finished the chart section for the first of Yannick’s Surprise Bowling Socks. Now the sock will be joined in the round, and a photo wouldn’t be as easy to take, so I made sure to remember to take one now.

I’m so happy with how these are turning out! Besides “Plunger”, my submission for the new SnB book (which I’m still waiting to hear about), these are my first attempts at intarsia. I don’t understand why people are leery of this technique. All you’re doing is knitting as usual! I find Fair Isle more annoying than this, it was so easy and the rows just flew by! Sure there will be ends to weave in later, but I think the results are worth it.

I’m really pleased with the red band on the pins. I was upset that I didn’t have any red or orange sock yarn, and didn’t want to buy a whole ball for just these little bits. Then I remembered- my Sunrise Socks! I have plenty left over…so I used that. I find the variegation reminds me of old fashioned bowling pins, and I smile every time I see them.This is the first sock of the pair. The two needles on either side will be joined for the heel section, and the other needle is for the top of the foot. The heel will be seamed later, as will the back of the sock, to make it into a tube. (This is because you can’t knit intarsia in the round).
A closeup. All 3 bowling balls are completed, but the needles were curling upwards so you can’t really see the full ball. I was debating putting 3 white or charcoal dots on the balls for the holes, but was afraid they’d look too much like coconuts, so I left them as is.

Since there are those of you who like this kind of thing…this is what the back looks like. Exactly like the front but with an overlapping outline of each shape because when you switch colors you need to twist the yarns to avoid holes.
The only parts I find sloppy are the edges of the red bands where I carried the white up to use again for the rest of the pins. I didn’t feel like cutting the white to reattach it 4 rows later, and have an extra 2 ends to weave in.

These are long socks! And I only did about an inch of ribbing at the top- the original pattern calls for 3.5″ of ribbing!

I’m so pleased with these so far!

Oh- and to those who (very sweetly) commented on my photos with Yannick…they were taken at Centennial Hill at the corner of Lake Road and Manual, in the West Island. And THANK YOU for the compliments…but don’t forget…200 photos were taken…I only saved about 35 to the computer…there are a LOT of fugly photos of me on that disk! Yannick looks great in almost all of them…but I’m very picky about what images of me are made public. Why else do you think my photo up in the corner there is from 1996?? ;]

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “Bowling Sock Progress!

  1. Holy bonanza those socks are cool!


  2. Those are some of the coolest socks I’ve ever seen! You’re doing a great job on them!


  3. The socks are coming out great – I know Yannick will just LOVE THEM! See you tomorrow night, don’t forget to bring my sock yarn from Veronik (I Just got emailed the pattern)!


  4. The bowling socks are so cool! Love the red stripe … so fun! Can’t wait to see them all done.


  5. Those socks are fantastic! You are making great progress on them (and just in time too!)


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