feeling hot hot hot



The heat and humidity yesterday was awful! 34 degrees C (if I remember correctly) and 60-70% humidity. My parents lost power at their house by 5pm, but I was lucky and still had it when I got home. There was still no rain or storms, but lots of fast winds. I had enough time to eat supper and set the VCR to tape Big Brother: All Stars and Rock Star: Supernova (I was going to watch Last Comic Standing at 9pm). I even took a photo for the next Amazing Lace challenge and was too lazy to go sit at the computer so I decided I’d upload it and post before bed. So much for my planning. At 8:40, just as I sat down with my knitting in front of the TV BAM the power goes out. And I mean OUT- everything on Sources below the 40 was out.

The winds outside were whipping everything around, there was lightning and thunder so bad that the claps never stopped. I got nervous being home alone because there was such an absence of sound from the house that all the outdoor noises sounded like they were inside- so I kept thinking someone had broken in and the door was open. Strangely enough I felt safer and less anxious each time I went to stand outside on my porch, than I did in my own home!

I called Yannick and asked him to come home so I wouldn’t be frightened. We went out for a drive (insane, I know) because he wanted to catch the storm to show me how bad it was. Turns out that when I called him- while standing outside in the humidity and thunder and everything- he was running to his car in pouring rain. Sleeting, nasty pouring rain- only 10 minutes down the road but not at my house! Crazy.

We couldn’t catch up to the storm because I wouldn’t let him speed (lost count of the number of cops we saw at accident sites) so we turned back and went to the Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s on Hymus. Ran into Janna there, an old friend from high school, with her husband and her parents. I had just seen her Saturday night when we went out for dinner with Jessa and a bunch of old friends, and it was nice to catch up again. It was her 4 year wedding anniversary- congrats Janna!

When we got home at 11:30 there was still no power and by this morning…you guessed it…still no power. Hydro Quebec has no estimated up time and over 450 homes are still without power this morning. It’s sad that I’m more upset about missing my TV shows and not being able to set the VCR for tonight. I’m such a TV junkie!

Oh- and I just heard on the radio that they are calling for more thunderstorms tonight. Crazy!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “feeling hot hot hot

  1. Still no power? Yikes! We lost power yesterday but only for 10 minutes or so. My boyfriend thought it was quite funny that I kept on knitting in the dark 🙂


  2. We are getting that nasty heat down in New England too. I am SO done with it!


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