it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game

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Liar. It’s all about about whether I win or lose! And I have to win!

I’m very competitive. Very. I just saw on JayJay’s blog about her little *competition* with her brother (I think he wins…) and think that is something very likely Mike and I would do. My other brother Aaron and my sister Laura don’t seem to have the same streak Mike and I do. We have been engaged in battle for many years via puzzle books to see who really is smarter. We compete over board games. We compete over songs on the radio (knowing the artist and song title are each worth 1 point).

So it was great fun when I won those games Saturday night. I think the name of the word game was “Slang Teasers”. I haven’t heard of other games like that, other than Balderdash (I think). The way you play is that one of the 4 (or more) people has the book of slang words and definitions, and they pick a page and word at random. They read and spell the word out loud. Each player writes it down and tries to come up with a realistic-sounding definition. Meanwhile, the “Slang Master” writes down the word and the real definition. All players give their papers to the SM who mixes them up and reads them all out loud, including the real definition. Then each player guesses which is correct. You get 1 point for guessing the right one, 1 point for each player who guesses *your* definition as being correct, and 2 points if you are the SM and no one guesses the correct answer.

Is it cheating if I say I figured out how to win? The book’s definitions were so cheesy that all I had to do was write my answers in a similar style. Anyways…

If anyone out there wants to test their smarts against me, bring on the challenge LOL!

I had such high hopes for last night. I was going to get home, make supper, get into bed and knit. I hadn’t knit more than 20 rows all weekend and was looking forwards to settling in for a nice long stretch. INSTEAD I stopped for groceries, got home an hour late, did a 1 mile workout video, took a shower, made some bean salad for lunches for the week, made some greek salad for lunches for the week, made some granola for snacks for the week, realized it was 10 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten supper yet, made a slice of toast, ate it with some apple-ginger juice and a banana, and got into bed. It was early, only 10:30pm, but I was suddenly drained and needed the rest more than I wanted to knit. Plus on Sunday night I’d started a book my cousin Robyn gave me, called Girl’s Poker Night, and was enjoying it. I thought I’d get into bed and enjoy a good half-hour of reading or so, then crash.

Mother Nature had other plans. The MOTHER of all thunderstorms hit, and I spent 15 minutes walking around the house with a flashlight (in case of a power failure) making sure I knew where the candles and matches were (in case of the same power failure). Then I called Yannick to see when he was coming home (not early enough to make me less scared). Then I verified all the windows on the top floor because the rain sounded on each like burglars trying to break in. Then I got into bed, read 4 pages, and went to reverify the windows again. My night continued like that until midnight or so when I finally fell asleep. The thunderclaps and bright flashes of lightning woke me up throughout the night too. Crazy storm. Wicked cool though. I wish it had taken place during the day so I could have seen it.

Tonight I’m going to the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival with Robyn, her mom, my mom, my grandmother and my aunt Fran. We’re going to the Women on Top show. Should be fun!

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