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Turns out one of my friends has been secretly reading my blog for a while now. I don’t know why it was secret, but I could have sworn I gave her $hit once for not reading it…and today she confessed she reads me daily. So that means Julie and Debbie read me…I’ll forgive Jackie ‘cus she’s got an infant and all, but when he’s in high school I fully expect reading to be going on!

Back in early June Robyn and I had attended the MKG’s indoor (due to rain) “Garden Party”. At this party we were reminded that the upcoming MKG charity project would be baby blankets, and that if we wanted, we could be given kits for the blankets, so we wouldn’t have to use our own yarn. We each took a bag of the yarn with the pattern. The yarn is Tessin by Muench Yarns and it is the Harlequin Baby Blanket pattern. I really like the way the yarn feels knitted up, although the colors are a little “off” for my taste.

(Semi-off-topic- I went to their website earlier and looked up the Tessin yarn to see what other colors it comes in. They have a link to “view knitted sample” so I clicked on it. Call me crazy, but that sample is crocheted!)

Anyways…the pattern as written calls for knitting a square, then casting on for another square, then knitting across the first…doing the same on the next row then working a full square up at 3 squares wide, then repeating for 5 squares, then back to 3, then to 1. This means that at times you are working from 3-5 balls of yarn, having to twist the joins. I had advised Robyn to knit the blanket the other way…working in strips upwards so she was never using more than one color per row. Now that she’s almost done, she told me that she was running low on yarn. Plus, now she needs to seam. After thinking about it I decided to try knitting mine as written. I feel bad about counselling Robyn to work it the other way and forcing her to seam in garter, which I don’t know if she’s comfortable with. We’ll see how mine turns out. In any case, they are for charity, so they will be loved regardless, right?

Author: Jennifer Lori

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