Warning: LOTS of CAPS Ahead

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I’m feeling particularily emphatic this afternoon. :]

This weekend was fun, but not long enough!

Friday night I spent on my own while Yannick helped a buddy move. It was great to have the night free, though, and I ran around to Fabricville and Bouclair getting supplies I need as I reach the completion of the Perfect Knitting Bag. Project update: I will have all the knitting done by July 8th. I’m not sure if I will have the finishing (attachments, lining, etc…) done by then, but I don’t care. I’ll still feel like I scored a big goal during the Knitting World Cup challenge. I’ve had this bag in my wip list for almost 2 years, and it feels great to see it taking shape, especially since it’s my design!

Saturday afternoon Yannick and I went to see Superman Returns (our verdict: unlike Batman Begins which was an amazing movie with amazing graphics, SR was an ok movie with amazing graphics. No regrets in seeing it, or in paying full- not cheapie night price to go. But it didn’t blow me away, plot- or acting-wise.) After the movie we grabbed a light supper at Bocaccinos then went home to get together with Julie and Rich to play cards. (Shout out to Julie!) (Am I too white to be doing “shout out”s?) (Probably).

Sunday we cleaned house, then I went to Robyn’s house. She hosted a little girl’s knit-night out and I went over early to watch Knitty Gritty with her. What a cheesy show! It was the episode with Lily M. Chin and other than 1 cool technique I learned, everything else was so dumbed-down! It was like “Cosmo” for knitting. Lily ACTUALLY pronounced the knitting acronym “yo, k2tog” as “yo-ke-two-tog”. Who says it as a word? People don’t SPEAK in acryonyms! You don’t tell your friends “brb” or “lol” or “roflmao”, and if you DID you’d pronounce it sarcastically, like “el-oh-el”. Tres annoying. Then Jennie, Karine and Kadi got to her house and we gabbed, knit, gossiped, ate, watched movies, did riddles and just had a nice fun girl’s night. I’d be up for that anytime, we laughed a hell of a lot and I had a great time. I’m really glad I started going to more knitting meetups because I really like everyone I’ve met.

The only annoying thing about yesterday is that I brought 2 projects with me to Robyn’s, and didn’t really accomplish anything while there other than scrapping them. The black acrylic will be way too hot to do the tank in, and the Goldilocks I brought to do a shrug in is too thin of a yarn to work with the pattern. Then I swatched the acrylic for the shrug, but THEN noticed that the pattern’s largest size is for a bust 3″ smaller than mine (with a bra on, anyways). Spent a long time last night looking up tank patterns online.

Anyone out there have any great tank top knitting patterns? I’d look at free and pay patterns. Suggestions please!

Today my goal is to work on the PKB. I DID go to the gym this morning (yay me!) but I’m under pressure because not only is the wedding OFFICIALLY 2 MONTHS AWAY AHHHH but my gym membership expires August 16th and I doubt I’ll renew it.

So here’s my dilemma. While cleaning I found some yarn I’d forgotten about. It was a kit from Fleece Artist. It’s listed as 150 (total) g of yarn for making socks or mittens. I don’t want to use it for that, so I emailed her a long time ago to ask the yardage, as it’s not listed on the label. She said that both the Blue-Face Leicester and the MO (mohair) should be approx 75g and 100m. I wound up the 2 yarns into cakes with my ball winder.

Ahem.This is the Blue-Face Leicester. The color sucks, but picture it in the colors below.
I weighed it- it is 72g. Ok, I can believe that this is approx 100m.
This is the MO. This pic is VERY accurate for the color. It reminds me of Easter.
It weighs 94 g. I can’t believe it is only 100m. NOT because of the extra 20-ish grams.
No…because of

This. It’s misleading when you see them apart, but side-by-side the difference is huge! The B-F L is clearly smaller, and even wound a little loose. The MO is so dense that you can’t even see the layers. If you look closely in the good-color photo, you can barely see the rings of the layers (think rings of a tree slice)…it’s PACKED with yarn!

I really really really REALLY really can’t wait to ask for a yarn meter counter for my birthday or hanukah, because I really REALLY need one!

P.S. To “Anonymous” who left me a comment on my last post…um…thanks for commenting, I think. I’m just not sure why I want to know about the diapers you wore when you were a baby… am I missing something?

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One thought on “Warning: LOTS of CAPS Ahead

  1. The yardage counter would definitely come in handy! Wow – that is a HUGE difference in size of cakes. I love the colour though (purple is little by little growing on me, but I don’t love the colour, I’m just not hating it anymore! EL-OH-EL!)


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