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So I haven’t posted in a while. In fact, I have to go check my own blog to see when the last post was…brb…

Huh. A week ago (not counting pics of Sam and my Amazing Lace Poetry entry). So I have a week to catch up.

Well, not much happened.

Sunday the 18th I went for my wedding dress fitting. The dress was just how I remembered it, only I didn’t realize how pale I was! I had my shoes, so the seamstress was able to pin up the front so I won’t trip, to show her where to hem it up. We didn’t pin the sides to be taken in yet, because I’m hoping to need to have it made smaller as the wedding gets closer. We had some veil issues, but hopefully that will be resolved soon. There was a minor snafu when the power in an entire 4-block radius went out, but luckily the store had huge windows and we were able to continue with the fitting. After the fitting I went back to my parents’ house and worked on one of the submissions I did for the new SnB book. We had Father’s Day dinner, then a birthday cookie cake for my brother Mike and my cousin Robyn, whose bdays were the 18th and the 16th. Once I got home I stayed up really late sending out the submission via email.

Monday the 19th was spent knitting non-stop for the 2nd submission I did. I’m not happy with what I sent, but I wasn’t able to knit up a full swatch in time for the deadline, so I had to make do. Oh well. If I don’t make it into the book, I will definately shop the designs around somewhere else.

I started tanning…the fake & bake kind, not the lie-out-in-the-sun kind. I’m not a heat person. I don’t really like summer, other than the fact that you can run out and the only preparation that takes is to slip on shoes (providing that you’re already dressed). I would love to live in permanent Fall (you know, kinda like Spring without the mud). In any case, I would much rather spend 6 minutes two-to-three times a week for a few weeks in a tanning booth than a few hours a week out in the sun, sweating and squinting. Don’t send me emails with the horrors of tanning, I’m only doing it until the wedding. Right now I’m the color of my wedding dress, and Yannick has been working outside all summer…so he’s rather…orange.

I went to the Montreal Knits meetup on Wednesday. We had a small group, but it was fun. Robyn brought her ball winder and a large cone of something black-and-white, and wound a cake each for me and Jennie. Yannick showed up just in time to pick me up.

I’ve been working like crazy on the Perfect Knitting Bag pattern since the Knitting World Cup deadline is coming up. I have the body of the bag done, and was working on the sides all weekend. It’s really cool watching something of my own design taking physical form in front of me. Even if this pattern never sells, I know I will use it and love it.

I also recieved stitch markers from 2 of my swap pals during the week- Adriane (sp?) and Jennifer. Thanks so much! I love both sets, and think it’s cool that you both send me glass stitch markers!

I will post pics of both the markers and the perfect bag progress tonight, hopefully.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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