long boring post with no pictures

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I didn’t do much this week, other than knit my little butt off on some swatches. I’m still unsure about Court, but Plunger is coming along swimmingly. I keep meaning to take some vague photograph that doesn’t show anything, but haven’t yet. Maybe soon.

Last night I stopped in at Jackie & Kevin’s to see Jackie and Bradley. He’s so cute! He just started crawling, and has got two adorable little teeth poking in on the bottom. I swear if I wasn’t already engaged… ;P

Then Yannick and I met Julie and Rich at Scores for some dinner. Funny moment: the waitress was slow. I mean you can get ketchup out of a bottle faster. We sat around for at least 40 minutes after eating waiting for her to come back to bring us refills, gd forbid she bring the check.* 15 minutes AFTER that when we got the bill, she presented it to us, saying, “Here you go. Take your time in paying, I’m in no rush.” REALLY? YOU THINK SO? We managed to wait a split second after she’d left the table before all 4 of us burst out laughing.

Tonight I’m going out for dinner with Robyn and some of her friends for her birthday dinner, then going home after to knit all night. The submission deadline is ACK! Monday and I need to have everything photographed by tomorrow night.

Oh- speaking of Robyn…her blog is now open to the world! So please go and visit my cousin over at
http://www.knitpurlknitpearl.blogspot.com and say hi!

In case I don’t get to blog tomorrow, here’s the plan:
-go for my first wedding dress fitting! ACK
-wish my brother Mike a happy birthday! (ok, maybe this will go first)
-go to my parents’ house for Father’s Day dinner
-go for coffee with Steph and Steph
-go through all the swatches and photograph and prepare and send out my SnB submissions

*I have nothing against service staff, I was a waitress and barista and bartender myself. But in an almost-empty restaurant at 10pm there’s no excuse to bring us our meals and then disappear for over an hour.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “long boring post with no pictures

  1. Ooh…tell us about the wedding dress fitting! Brings back good memories…


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