Shower and an Explanation

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The Shower
Today was my bridal shower!

I got up at 9 to shower and put up my hair so it would be full later. As much as I love really long hair, it goes flat fast. I put it up in large rollers too keep it up until I was ready to leave. (Yannick asked me “Why are you curling your hair?” I said, “I’m not.” He said, “But you have rollers in…” I said, “It’s for volume baby!”

I got to my aunt Fran’s by 12:30- the shower was being hosted by my 3 aunts (Fran, Miriam and Carol) and was called for 1pm. I have no photos ‘cus I forgot my camera, but since there was a flash or 8 going off every minute, I’m sure I’ll be emailed photos and video within the next few days. People kept coming in and coming in…and coming in… and by around 2pm we started with the food (oy there was so much food!) and the games. First I judged a toilet-paper wedding dress contest (and almost started crying with my mom when we saw my 18 year old sister “made up” as a bride, all pristine in her white toilet paper) then we played some other games while opening gifts, like guessing the amounts of candies and almonds in jars, matching off traditional anniversary gifts with the years, and so on. I also had to answer questions about how well I know Yannick. I don’t know how many were asked, but I got only 2 wrong.*

If anyone who was at my shower reads this, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the beautiful gifts. Everyone was really sweet and I hope they had a good time, I know I did!

The men (Yannick, my dad, my brothers, his dad, an uncle and one of his nephews) came by around 4:30 to help eat all the food. It actually took until 6:30pm until everything was done and we started saying most of the goodbyes!

Now it’s 9:30, I just got home and changed into some comfy clothes. Yannick has a party to attend, so I’m going to flop on the couch and watch Aeon Flux on DVD, along with some World Cup Knitting.

The Explanation

The “X-Treme Lace Knitting” post has been generating some comments. First off, a big thanks to everyone who has left me a comment laughing about it. I tried hard to come up with a truly x-treme knitting situation, and when we saw how the photos came out (especially the one with Sam) it was easy to write up the scenario. For those who are totally confused: I’m part of the Amazing Lace knitting group. Every two weeks there will be challenges, and we post our responses on our blogs. This week’s challenge was to show an example of x-treme knitting, so my post was my contribution towards that. I didn’t realize until afterwards that I’d forgotten to leave an explanation in that post, and I will try to do so in future ones.

To Amanda Cathleen: Yes, I have the spreadsheet. I’d love to email it to you, but I don’t have your email address! You can email me directly if you want (link in the sidebar) and I’ll send it to you!

*The first one I got wrong was what he noticed first about me, way back when we first met. It was multiple choice, and I guessed c) my beautiful blue eyes. The answer was b) my cute and sweet personality (note: their words, not mine). I swear I was going to say B but last night he commented on my eyes so I thought that was what he’d said to them. Turns out it was B after all. The other one was what food would he never eat. I took it literal and said either “gefilte fish or cats” since one he hates, and the other he loves too much to try. He’s tried almost everything else. His answer was “shepherd’s pie”. He’s eaten shepherd’s pie, he just doesn’t like it very much. Turns out he answered “what food do you dislike most” instead of how I took it, as “what food would you not eat- even if bribed, or under death penalty or whatever”. If he’d known how I was going to hear the question, it would have been the gefilte fish, so I would have ended up with a perfect score. 🙂

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One thought on “Shower and an Explanation

  1. Sounds like you had a great shower!! Glad it was fun – definitely post the pictures when you get them!


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