It must be the germs.

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I have to blame it on the germs. Otherwise, why would an ordinarily sane knitter go through her knitting bag to find a wip that wasn’t too taxing on the brain, choose the Clapotis that was for her her HER, knit on it for about 3 total hours through the day (when she wasn’t sneezing, napping or coughing), then, right before going to sleep, decide to take all her progress, all of this:and turn it into this?
It took a lot out of me to frog it, let me tell you. But the more I worked on it, the more I kept coming to the same realization. I love the pattern. I wanted to knit a scarf. A nice, squoushy winter scarf. Following the pattern as written I ended up with something about 20″ wide, not counting the stitches that were still to be dropped. Normally I wouldn’t mind having another shawl, but the colors of this yarn are so similar to the Noro I used for my Tasha Tudor shawl, that I don’t see the need to have 2 shawls the same color. I really want this Clapotis to be a scarf. The only way to fix that? Rip it out, start over, this time stopping after 4 repeats of the increase section (for a total of 5 dropped sts, a scarf of about 10″ wide-ish). Plus now I’ll have enough for a really, really long scarf, the kind you can wrap twice around your neck and still have long enough to tuck into your coat or have trailing behind you in the wind. I’m going to love this scarf.

Once I have enough strength to cast on and start over.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “It must be the germs.

  1. wow! Those musta been some germs, at least you figured it out before you where too far into it : )


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