Talk About Timing!


So, as I’ve already posted, I’m busying working on submissions. Knowing how soon the 19th will be here, and how much work I have to do to get my swatches ready to photograph, I spent a few minutes browsing online looking for yarn in a dk weight that will felt. I tried the usual suspects, but nothing really caught my eye. Finally I decided to check some local shops. This felt risky, as I’ve only been to one LYS as it is the only one “local” to my home. There are quite a few more, but I’ve never driven in those areas and their work hours conflict with mine, so I’ve just never gotten around to shopping there. I did a search for yarn shops, and went through the list looking for names I’ve heard before.

The third name on the list is La Tricoteuse, on Rachel Ave. I called them up, and yes, they do have a dk weight yarn that felts, and yes, it does come in the colors I need. I got excited, then realized that their hours are the same as mine, which means I have no way of getting there.

Desperate, I called my cousin Robyn. I know she goes there occasionally, so my plan was to ask her to call me the next time she’s in that area. If I find something else first, fine. Otherwise I’ll ask her to pick up what I need and I’ll pay her back.

Imagine my surprise when Robyn told me that she was having lunch right across the street from La Tricoteuse, with plans to go yarn shopping there after eating! What a coincidence! I called the store back right away, asked them to put the yarn aside for me, and told them that someone would be picking it up shortly.

So now I only need to wait until the next time I see Robyn to get my yarn! That means I’ll have it by Wednesday at the latest, at the Montreal Knits meetup. Woo hoo!

UPDATED TO ADD: I just found out that they gave Robyn superwash wool. WTF? I told them over and over I need it to felt! They told her that it will felt if I use hot water. Why on earth would you give someone superwash when they call you looking for yarn for a felting project? Why? They’d better have a return policy, because I’m not happy about this. I don’t know which yarn it is yet, nor what brand, although according to Robyn the 3 colors I asked for were from different brands. WFT again? I’m doing a felting project! I want yarns from the same brand, as everyone knows that different brands felt differently! So now I have 3 different brands of superwash wool, for 1 felting project. I’m very annoyed. It’s not Robyn’s fault, she just picked up what the person at the store put aside. But I’m annoyed at the worker, for sure!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Talk About Timing!

  1. You are SOOOOOO very welcome.


  2. hi jen, my only conclusion is that la tricoteuse willfully sabotaged your felting project.
    have never, ever had a pleasant experience shopping there. (and i have been advised by staff there about felting projects in the past; and they definitely recommended *against* superwash, of course. weird. such a strange place…)


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