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I still haven’t heard back from Knit Simple, but I’ll post more on that as I do. I’m still seething.

Sunday afternoon I had some free time while Yannick and my mom went tux shopping, so I had some brilliant foresight. If I wanted to be able to work on Sunrise Sock the Second while at Aaron’s grad, I needed to have the toe finished because I didn’t want to have to fiddle with doing or removing the provisional cast on in the semi-dark. So by Sunday evening, the sock looked like this:Then Yannick had a little surprise for me. He’d made a reservation at Le Milsa a really funky Brazillian restaurant downtown. I couldn’t get any nice pics to come out with my phone’s camera, but check out the link. It’s really cool- the waiters come around with all different kinds of meat (rib steak, roast beef, filet mignon, chicken, turkey wrapped with bacon, pork, sausage, lamb and others I can’t remember) on these long skewers, and they slice off pieces right at your table. The meat is all-you-can-eat if you choose the “Turnstile” menu, and there are little disks at each person’s seat that is green on one side with “yes please” and red on the other with “no thank you” so the waiters know if they should keep coming. The meat is served with what are supposedly the best sauteed mushrooms around, rice, baked sweet potatoes, and salad with a delicious dressing. It also includes dessert, which is either vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon, or grilled pineapple. The pineapple is on the skewers just like the meat, and the outside is basted in cinnamon as its grilling, for a delicious flavor. Really, really amazing meal! And, as a special treat, at 8pm a Brazillian dancer came out and spent at least a half hour dancing around the place to fun music, interacting with guests. We had a great time, and I really recommend it (but not to vegetarians). 🙂

Yesterday was a looong day. First my mom and I went to the florist to see a sample of the wedding centerpieces. There was some confusion, but in the end they look great, and we now have our florist booked too. :]

From there we went to St-Hubert St to see about finding shoes. I need them soon because I have my first dress fitting on Father’s Day. We found one pair that I really liked, but they were a teensy bit narrow, and after stretching them they were a bit too large. The salesgirl was suggesting cardboard inserts. As in, torn pieces of cardboard. You know what? If I’m spending quite a bit of money on shoes, I don’t want to have to tear up a cardboard box to get them to fit right. We took a card, but we’ll still keep looking. At least now we know the style I like.

Then we went to McGill for Aaron’s grad. He actually finished in December, but they do the grad for everyone at once, so it was today. It actually took less time than I thought, as a lot of students weren’t there, so their names were skipped. After just about 2 hours, here is the proud new graduate:After the same just about two hours, here is the new sock:
Now that I’ve heard back from the Lacy Shrug people, I am able to start on that for The Amazing Lace, so I might toss the sock into my purse as portable knitting. Or, I might just try to finish it so it frees up my needles for another sock. We shall see…

p.s. Robyn feel better!

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  1. Thank you – I want to feel better soon too. I see you got your blog back to normal! What was it that was making it centered?


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