More Yarn Than I Thought

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I always finish work at 8pm on Thursdays, so by the time I get home there’s nothing more I’d rather do than climb into bed in some comfy p.j.s, space out in front of the TV and knit. I had been planning on working on the concentration-intensive Enchanted Forest Cardigan, but instead an old WIP caught my eye. So I turned on the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance and knit for a while on its easy stockinette.I know, I know. It’s Fun Fur. And Self-Striping. And I know that by the time I finish the knitting and sew it into a purse around the clear, round handles, neither fun fur nor fun fur purses will be in style. (Are they still in style?) But I thought the finished bag was very cute, and I’m already picturing the hidden hot pink lining I would sew in to keep it from stretching…and yes, I am cheesy enough to use a fun fur, self-striping, animal print-ish funky purse with clear handles and a hot pink lining. Wanna make something of it?

I had wanted to make the bag larger than the original pattern, so once I finished the first of three required balls of yarn, I measured and multiplied. Turns out that 3 should be plenty big enough.
When the fun-furry goodness started getting to me, but I was still in a stockinette mood, I pulled out the Sunrise Sock and turned the heel. I came to a surprising discovery in terms of the yarn amounts. I had originally taken the large skein of yarn and divided it into what I thought were 2 equal cakes. I had turned out that 1 was 48g and the other 64g. I figured I’d make the first sock with the smaller cake and that way I would for sure not run out of yarn from the 2nd cake, to make the 2nd sock. Well. All I have left to do of sock #1 is the leg and cuff, and it occured to me that the remaining cake #1 still looked pretty big. So I weighed it. Out of the original 48g, I still have 33g left. So now there’s a change of plans. I will make sure to only use a maximum of 24g on this sock, and make the second sock from what’s left of cake #1. I have no clue what I’ll use cake #2 for. And as for why there is so much yarn per cake? I finally checked the label yesterday. The original skein was 500 yards. I probably should have checked that in the first place.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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