Stupid Knitting

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A brilliant idea popped into my head yesterday. I was so excited about it, that as soon as I got home from the gym and had showered, I ran around my office grabbing every needle I owned and all the left-over odds and ends from all my Finished Objects. I piled this mess on the bed, then went downstairs to have dinner with Yannick and Kevin (remembering to get dressed first).

After supper practically kicked Yannick out of the house so I could go upstairs, get into bed, watch the rest of the American Idol finale, and knit my Big Great Idea. He left. I started. He came home a bit later to watch the Lost finale with me, and I proudly showed him what I’d completed of my Great Big Stoopid Idea.

Me: Look!
Him: That’s nice honey.
Me: You didn’t really look at it.
Him: (looks at it) What is it?
Note: the object I’m holding up is 2″ wide and sorta resembles a scarf…if every inch or two the scarf changed needle sizes, yarns, tensions and patterns.
Me: It’s a reminder scarf thingy.
Him: Huh?
Me: Isn’t it a great idea? As I complete each project I’ll add on a bit using the left over yarn and those needles and that pattern, that way I’ll have it as a reminder of each project.
Him: You could also just take pictures.
Me: (turning over the Stoooopid Scarf Thingy to show him the back where I’d attached little labels with the yarn info and pattern info) But…but…look. Isn’t it a good idea?
Him: (looking sadly at me) Do you want my honest opinion?
Me: (realizing that a long, skinny, 2″ wide hodge-podge of stuff with annoying tags hanging off the back just waiting to get tangled is not so much of a Big Great Idea as it is a Big Waste of Time.) No.

At this point I undid the Big Stoooopid Thing and came up with Great Idea the 2nd. A big ball of yarn. I liked the idea of having a little bit of yarn from all the projects put together somehow, and since I have no idea how, yet, I’m going to tie the ends together and wind up a ball of yarn. Maybe I’ll knit with it someday, or maybe it will become a Really Ugly Sculpture, who knows.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Cute.


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