Sunrise Sock Progress

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Saturday night my family went for dinner with my cousin’s family to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday. Luckily I’d thought ahead and tucked a little knitting in my purse, because not only did we arrive almost 20 minutes before everyone else, but the food took another hour to take our orders, then half an hour to bring the appetizers, then about 30 minutes between finishing that course and bringing out the main course! It was loooooooong. There was an amusing, rather innappropriate commend made by my sister, but I won’t post it here. Ask me in person about it…lol.

I worked on the “Sunrise Socks“, so named for the bright yellows, oranges and reds in the yarn.
These are the socks I’d started on the trip down to Toronto the first weekend of April. I’d done the short-rowed toe, then stopped because it got too dark to keep knitting in the car. The rest of the foot so far was done this weekend, mostly at the restaurant Saturday night, and a row or five before dinner on Sunday.

Julie and Rich came over after dinner (here’s your “shout out” Julie!) and we played a board game for a bit, then Yannick and I crashed. And I mean CRASHED. This was the first night I can remember falling asleep before complaining about Yannick’s snoring even once!

On Sunday I went to Curves, then came home and watched some tapes with Yannick while knitting and vegging in the living room. We ate a little breakfast together, then got our a$ses moving and did some cleaning up around the house. Even I, the pack rat extraordinaire, managed to fill 3 garbage bags with stuff to toss. Would you believe that there were boxes that we haven’t unpacked since we moved in 4 years ago? (Ok, boxes that “I” haven’t unpacked of “my” stuff that’s just been taking up space in the furnace room. I apologize for the implication that Yannick would ever leave boxes packed up for 4 years. He’s way too anal…uh, I mean “neat freak” for that.]

After our clean sweep we did a few errands then went to my parents’ house for Mother’s Day dinner. My dad had picked up barbeque stuff, so while he and Yannick got the grill ready, I set the table, made the salad, coleslaw, cut up the onions and tomatoes, put all the drinks, condiments and stuff on the table, and took the orders for who wanted cheeseburgers. What did Laura do? She went to buy fries at La Fleurs. Mike? He was in Florida. Aaron? In the shower. At least I got to sit with my mom and grandmother and watch the beginning of the finale of Survivor while Yannick and Laura cleared the table and put everything away.

After dinner we played a family game of Liverpool. It’s a card game that starts with everyone getting dealt 6 cards and progressing to a total of 16 cards each. Each round has a specific objective, for example
6= 3+3 (3s are 3 of a kind, ie: 3 7s).
7= 3+4 (4s are 4 in a row, of the same suit, ie: 5-6-7-8 of hearts).
8= 4+4
Each turn you get to pick up and drop a card, trying to get your cards so you can go out, or at least go down. There are also penalty cards, and a scoring system. Fun game, not bad with a few people, but the more people the longer it takes! We started about 10 minutes into the Survivor finale, and finished 10 minutes before the recap show ended, so almost 3 hours.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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