What Now?

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I need to add some pictures to this blog. I tried on Tuesday night, but the batteries in my digital camera died. Soon, my pretties, soon.

I’m listening to Inkheart in the car, by Cornelia Funke. Really good book so far. It’s being read by Lynn Redgrave, and she’s doing a great job at portraying everyone from a really evil man to a 12 year old girl. I think it’s cool how it keeps matching my moods. I started it on Friday on my way home from work. I was in a great mood, and the story was just zipping along with all the hope in the world. Today, on my way to work, the story took a turn for the worse for the main characters. This was just perfect, as I had just been to the dentist this morning and he confirmed that yes, I would need to meet with a specialist to see about having a root canal done.

I’m so not thrilled about this. It’s not the pain- I’ve had a root canal before. When I was bartending 7 years ago we had a popcorn machine at the bar, and I often filled up a basket to keep with me behind the bar. (Popcorn is my biggest snack craving). I was probably eating my 3rd or 4th handful when CRUNCH my tooth went down on a hard kernel and broke. It was my last tooth on the top left, and I didn’t realize it was broken until I couldn’t get the kernel to crack, and realized it was 1/2 my tooth. Yummy.

On the plus side, breaking my tooth led to the first really sweet thing Yannick ever did for me. We had just started “hanging out”, weren’t officially dating yet but more like friends who were interested. He’d told me he wasn’t coming to the bar that night to see me because he had plans with his mom. His dad was working late so he told his mom he’d stay in and watch a movie with her. So just before starting the movie he calls me to say “have a good night” and that he’ll call me the next day, and I mentioned the tooth thing. Wouldn’t you know it, 10 minutes later he walks into the bar! He couldn’t stay long because they had the movie to watch, but he was concerned that my tooth was hurting me or would start to soon, so he brought me some pain-killers!

Root canal #1 wasn’t bad, primarily because a) it was about $1000, but b) I had insurance so they covered it. I finally realized, about 4 years later, that it had never stopped hurting, so the guy had to redo it, but he didn’t charge me because he was fixing his own work. This new one will be a b!tch. I don’t have insurance. I also don’t have $1000. Based on the x-ray, it seems that a filling I had done back in ’02 could be a little close to the root. Why it’s hurting now is beyond me. All I know is that since waking up Sunday morning, there have only been brief 5-minute lapses when I didn’t think about the tooth. Killing me. Probably the cause of my recent migraines, too. My dentist can’t even fix it, he needs me to go see a specialist*. Why do I get the priviledge of getting to visit this specimen of the dental elite? Because, lucky me, my tooth has 3 roots. Not 1, boring old Vanilla root. Not even 2- with chocolate chips thrown in. Nope, I get to have 3 roots- the Rocky Road of dental procedures.

Tuesday night I finished the FNWC, which I guess I can say is a sweater. (That’s a bit like saying I read LRRH, which is a book. Not exactly giving it away. Although- my dad and I often talk with acronyms, and I’ve gotten freakishly good at figuring them out. Sometimes I need a context to put it in, but other times I can just “get” it. Wierd.) Anyways, I finished the thing, save for a little glitch that I couldn’t do anything about.

Last night was the Montreal Knits meetup. Yannick was running late (and enduring BIG teasing from his buddy about “being late for the knitting meeting”) so Robyn came to get me. My headache wasn’t too bad, more like a dull thud than a migraine, although my tooth was killing me. There were many of us there, and I met Diana and Kelli Ann (and Zoé) for the first time.

I had no idea what to bring to knit. The pay job is finished, the pay finishing job is finished, my friends who are having babies don’t know the sexes yet, and I have no knitting priorities. Feels odd. So I brought out the Goldilocks shrug and worked on that. It doesn’t ever seem to get much longer, but it must be because I can slip my arm into it and have it go from my armpit to my hand, so I’m probably 1/3 done. No matter what I’ll need to stop once the ball is done because I only had the one hank, and they are hand-dyed yarns. I could probably call up Fleece Artist and describe it but it wouldn’t match *exactly* so it will be what it will be and that’s that. I think I’ll gain some extra room if I block it, so depending on the final length I might just get a little more out of it.

So what now? Do I pick a new pattern? Do I dust off an old wip? Do I get off my butt and work on one of my own designs?

I don’t know. But I’m sure I’ll be knitting something in the meantime!

*someone who does the same work but gets to charge 3x the price for it.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Won’t it feel good to finish up an old WIP?


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