Time and Food


Debbie and Gregg are coming over for dinner tonight, and then to play board games. They had picked out two of the board games we had on our registry, so we think it is only fitting that they come over and play with us. I don’t know why we don’t have friends over for dinner more often. Wait- we do, on occasion. Like last night, Julie and Rich came over to play cards, and we ordered dinner together. We’ve done that often. But I don’t recall if we’ve ever sat down to a homemade dinner together, and it makes me wonder…why not? It’s not like I don’t cook- I’m the cook in the house. In fact, last weekend I made a chicken, veggie, shrimp and mussel paella that was so huge it overfilled my wok! I’m not kidding- check this out:
I had 1 portion, Yannick had 3 and his buddy Kevin had 4, and there was still more! We had so many leftovers from it that when Jackie and Kevin mentioned wanting to try the recipe, I was able to give them so much that they didn’t need to worry about dinner! (Plus I got to see Bradley when I dropped it off). And I still had enough for lunch the next day. That’s a lot of paella.

Debbie and Gregg are getting the home-cooked deal because they treated us last time, and when they invited us over this weekend we thought it was only fair to reciprocate.
I just got home from work. They’re not coming over until 7pm, so I had time to set the table and put out a basket for bread (reminder- put bread in oven 15 min before eating!). I was good, and yesterday remembered to pull out the butter so it could get soft. Nothing like some good salted butter on fresh warm bread. Mmmm… Like our new dishes? I know we’re not supposed to open engagement gifts until after the wedding, some kinda luck deal, but we couldn’t resist. All of our dishes were hand-me -downs, first the ones I got from a friend when I moved into my apartment, then the ones from my parents, then the ones from his. These are our first new dishes together, and they’re really funky. Even the bowls are square!

I was so on the ball this week that I even remembered to buy veggies yesterday instead of scrambling to do everything tonight. I cut them into wedges and since I did this yesterday, I had time to let them marinate overnight in some olive oil, sea salt and garlic. I’m going to thread them onto skewers, and when Yannick puts the meat on the barbeque, he’ll put the veggie-kabobs on too. So now I’m home, the skewers are soaking*, and I have half-an-hour with nothing to do. So what should I knit? 🙂

I know I have the FNWC to finish, but at the stage it’s at, seaming the sides, I need the kitchen table. Plus I don’t like to rush seaming. I could work on my Clapotis but I just finished one, so I’d like to put it in the rotation. Maybe…I’ll start something new…

*I always soak my wooden skewers in water for at least a half hour before threading, so they are still damp when they get on the barbeque. Less chances for flares and fires, and with me, that’s a good thing.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Time and Food

  1. So…when am I coming over for dinner…LOL! Hope board games were fun, thanks to The Man, I’m now obssessed with Risk and Monopoly. What’d you guys play? Cranium anyone?


  2. I love your table settings. Looks lovely. I wish I lived close enough to be invited for dinner and games.


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